Mild green tea laced with a delicate nutty flavour
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green TEA

Delicate, smoky, rich, sweet. Your palate will love green teas as much as your health does.

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  • Genmaicha


    Mild green tea laced with a delicate nutty flavour
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  • Maofeng


    Nutty brew filled with the heady aroma of peaches and magnolia.
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  • MaoJian


    One of China's ten most famous teas, the Mao Jian is sweet and mild
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  • Pi Lo Chun

    Pi Lo Chun

    The mellow taste of apricots makes this tea a hot favourite.
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  • Darjeeling


    Flavourful Darjeeling tea with deep muscatel tones
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  • Jasmine Pearls

    Jasmine Pearls

    Fragrant green tea with a delicate floral aroma and taste
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  • Dragon Well

    Dragon Well

    Sweet, rounded Chinese green tea with nutty overtones and a toasty aroma
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  • Gunpowder


    Strong green tea with a rich smoky flavour
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  • Sencha


    Japanese green tea with a hint of seaweed
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  • Matcha


    Finely ground Japanese tea rich in antioxidants
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  • Hojicha


    Japanese green tea with an intense aroma and toasty notes
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  • Gyokuro


    A light and uplifting Japanese green tea with a delicate flavour and aroma
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  • Lotus


    Vietnamese green tea with a lingering lotus aroma and taste
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  • Snowy Shan

    Snowy Shan

    Robust tea with a tart taste and yellow-green liquid
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  • Colyx


    Bittersweet tea packed with health benefits
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  • Moroccan Mint

    Moroccan Mint

    A strong blend with bursts of minty freshness
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  • Kashmiri Kahwa

    Kashmiri Kahwa

    An enchanting blend of green tea and spices from Kashmir
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  • Strawberry Farm

    Strawberry Farm

    A delightful blend with a sweet tangy flavour
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  • Cardamom Classic

    Cardamom Classic

    A flavourful green tea with strong notes of cardamom
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  • The Almond Brew

    The Almond Brew

    A nutritious blend of green tea and almonds
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  • Calming Chamomile

    Calming Chamomile

    A relaxing and healthy blend of chamomile flowers and green tea leaves
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  • Lemon Verbana

    Lemon Verbana

    Green tea with a citrus blast
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  • Lemongrass-Ginger


    Soothing blend of green tea, ginger and lemongrass
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  • Minty Lemon

    Minty Lemon

    Refreshing green tea with sharp hints of lemon and mint
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  • Apple-Cinnamon


    An invigorating blend of spicy cinnamon notes and fresh apple
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  • Holy Basil

    Holy Basil

    Our signature blend of handpicked holy basil and tea leaves
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  • Lemon Mojito

    Lemon Mojito

    A soothing blend with notes of citrus and mint
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  • Orange Blossom

    Orange Blossom

    A fascinating blend of green tea, vanilla and orange
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  • Wildberry Tales

    Wildberry Tales

    A mélange of exotic berries and flavours
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  • Fruit Bliss

    Fruit Bliss

    A delicious tea packed with fruity flavours
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  • Mango Mania

    Mango Mania

    Delicious green tea packed with all the fruitiness of mangoes and none of the calories
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  • Rose Romance

    Rose Romance

    The finest green tea with a delicate hint of rose
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  • Flowery Bouquet

    Flowery Bouquet

    A delicate blend of green tea, rose petals, hibiscus and licorice root
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  • Kickstart


    Awaken your senses with a blend of green tea and spices
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  • Cool Me Down

    Cool Me Down

    A soothing green tea blend with a natural mint flavour
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  • Easy Motion

    Easy Motion

    An Ayurvedic blend that aids laxation
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  • Easy Digest

    Easy Digest

    A therapeutic blend with ingredients that aid digestion
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  • Detox Tea

    Detox Tea

    A healthy brew that can work wonders for your digestive and immune systems
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  • Decaf Green

    Decaf Green

    Naturally decaffeinated tea with delicate green tea flavours
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