Press Art Tea Cup

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Press Art Tea Cup
If you love your tea but are too busy to brew it correctly, the Press Art Tea Cup is an absolute must-have. This patented design gives you the perfect brew no matter where you are. The Press Art Tea Cup consists of two main parts and the infuser (inner pot with filter). This easy-to-carry accessory is suitable for brewing green, black, oolong and Puer
1. Put a spoonful of tea leaves in the infuser (inner pot)
2. Pour hot water in the Infuser.
3. Allow the tea leaves to open up and release their flavours
4. Once the brew is ready, press the button on top of the lid and
    pour yourself a cup
5. Brew as per your personal tastes
• Kamjove Press Art Cup – Capacity 500 ml TP – 160
• Patented press valve design for easy control
• High-efficiency filtration and hermetic design to prevent leaking
• Microwave and dishwasher friendly
• Made in China
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