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1 YEAR Experience

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Perfect for those who only subscribe for the finer teas in life. For whom every nuance, every note, every sip is of consequence. If everything goes according to our plan, you are in for an experience that will linger.


  • We have selected 24 exotic tea box for you
  • Nothing like pleasant surprises! Enjoy 2 very distinctive teas each month (that’s as many as 40 tea bags!!)
  • In case you’d like to know, the subscription box is shipped by the 10th of every month
  • Indulge in our Tasting and Brewing notes. That way you’ll enjoy our exquisite teas even more
  • Goes without saying, shipping’s FREE across India
  • And there’s more! Accessories and specially curated add-ons worth ₹2020/- FREE

Free Add-Ons

Vintage Tea Chest - 1 pc
Coaster - 2 pc
Tea Spoon - 2 pc
Tea Mug - 2 pc