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3 Month Experience

An Invitation to


Perfect for those who want to do a tea try-out. It will gently ease you into an experience that will linger for long. Go ahead, dip your toes into a world of exotic teas before you take the proverbial plunge.


  • We have selected 9 exotic whole leaf teas for you
  • Nothing like pleasant surprises! Enjoy 3 very distinctive teas each month (that’s as many as 50-60 cups!!)
  • In case you’d like to know, the subscription box is shipped by the 10th of every month
  • Indulge in our Tasting and Brewing notes. That way you’ll enjoy our exquisite teas even more
  • Goes without saying, shipping’s FREE across India
  • And there’s more! Accessories and specially curated add-ons worth ₹690/- FREE

Free Add-Ons

Infuser- 1 pc
Tea Caddies - 3 pcs
Coaster - 1 pc
Infuser Holder - 1 pc