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Tea, no matter how it’s brewed, is a blessing in a cup! Some tea connoisseurs prefer brews made out of loose tea leaves; to some, tea bags are a saviour; then there are the ones who indulge in both as and when time permits. Tea bags vs. loose leaf tea has been the topic of many debates since tea bags came into being. Let’s learn a little about the key difference between them!

The Difference Between Loose Leaf and Tea Bags

When it comes to Tea bags vs. loose leaf tea, both have their own charm. The choice you make depends on the kind of experience you desire - is it an elaborate indulgence you are looking for or is it convenience that you prioritise?

If you want to savour a tea blend’s true flavours and aromas, then loose tea leaves are what you must turn to! Although far more convenient, tea bags often fall short on giving you the exclusive tea experience that loose tea leaves can. That’s not to say that tea bags don’t make for a good cup of tea, they absolutely do and they have the same health benefits as well.

A brew made of loose tea leaves caters to all your senses. Since the leaves aren’t crammed into a bag, they preserve their original flavour and scent. These infusions give you an enchanting visual experience as the leaves unfurl beautifully into the cup. Indulging in a brew made of loose leaf teas requires a lot more efforts compared to tea bags. With tea bags, you don’t need multiple tea accessories at your service. All you need a cup, your little tea bag, and you are good to go!

Buy Best Tea Bags & Loose Leaf Online

We, at Tea Culture of the World, cater to all preferences. Our premium collections of loose leaf tea and tea bags contain tea blends curated to bring you wellness and delight. Here are some of the must-try from each collection-

Loose Leaf Tea Blends:

Decaf Green

Decaf Green comes to you as Nature made it, fresh from sun-kissed tea estates, untouched by chemicals. As the name suggests, it’s a decaffeinated, mild green tea. So give in to this guilt-free pleasure, and allow its gentle flavour and health-boosting flavonoids to surround you with a pleasant glow of well-being.

Darjeeling First Flush

This world-famous Darjeeling tea seems to bring with it the sun-kissed warmth and aroma of India’s finest tea estates. Picked at spring time, First Flush Darjeeling Tea brews into a vibrant red infusion that delights you with its floral fragrance and subtle, refreshing flavour.

Mt. Wuyi Oolong

Flavourful Oolong sourced from the famed estates of Mt. Wuyi in China, has a characteristic smoky flavour. This is the best Oolong tea to be enjoyed at leisure, as you take in its toasty aroma and balanced, nutty taste.

Tea Bags:

Classic Masala Chai

Masala chai is believed to be a centuries-old Indian concoction, created as an invigorating home remedy for common ailments. Our own recipe draws from kitchens across India, and combines black tea leaves with aromatic spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and bay leaves. Creating a brew that is truly the heart of India.

Happy Immunity

Shore up your body’s defences as you enjoy this delectable blend of the best green tea with herbs and spices. You’ll find every sip of its minty flavour refreshing, while its potent ingredients strengthen your body’s natural resistance to disease.

Kashmiri Kahwa

Luxury is a cup of molten gold tea, laced with almonds and spices from Paradise. Our Kashmiri Kahwa lives up to legend; the richness of authentic Kashmiri dry fruit and spices infuse fine, organic green tea, to create an intensely flavoured, golden blend. One taste and you’re transported to one of the most beautiful places on earth.