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Not a big fan of rigorous work out sessions? Hate dieting that requires you to cut down on your favorite food? Tired of googling which food aids in weight loss and which doesn't? Don't want to go out on a fancy dinner and munch on salads while the rest dig into mouthwatering platters? But also wish to be healthier and happier? Wish granted! Presenting the green tea diet plan! Meeting your fitness goals is now much easier with green tea being a part of your regime. You no longer have to push yourself harder than necessary to see the results.

Green tea has been considered as a healthy weight loss aid for as long as one can remember. Packed with antioxidants and healthy compounds, this beverage can help you shed kgs faster with less effort. Owing to the many green tea health benefits, it has found its rightful place in diet plans all around the world. The green tea benefits for skin are responsible for its ever-increasing popularity.

What is the green tea diet plan?

The green tea diet plan involves sipping on 4 green tea cuppas daily- a cup of green tea, first thing in the morning followed by a cup before every meal of the day. This simple diet plan does not require you to limit your food choices so you can eat anything and everything you like. It's also important to remember that as many health benefits as it has, Green tea is not a one-man army. The 2-step plan should be paired with a strict exercise routine to achieve optimum results.

Unlike other diet plans, here the drill is simple

Step 1 - Wake up drink a cup of green tea:

Green tea contains caffeine in mild amounts that helps you do away with the morning daze. Start your day by drinking an 8-ounce cup of green tea. The antioxidants and vitamins will keep a check on your immune system so you feel refreshed all day. Hot or cold, you can brew the cuppa your way.

Step 2 - Drink a cup of green tea before every meal:

Drinking a cup of tea right before a meal helps make you feel more full. If your stomach is full of green tea, you will refrain from overeating and hence, will consume fewer calories. So, your second cup of green tea should come right before you eat breakfast. Consuming a cup before each meal helps to streamline digestion and improve fat burning.

This green tea diet doesn't restrict you from having more than four cups of green tea per day. Experts recommend keeping green tea to 5 or 6 cups per day. Incorporate the above in your fitness regime and see the green tea diet before and after results for yourself.