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"Tea is the elixir of life" is an all too famous quote by Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer! The quote rings true for anyone who loves indulging in sheer delight brewing in a cup. Behind every great invention is a curious inventor and a captivating tale of how it came into being! So, where did it all begin and who do we give our thanks to for discovering bliss in the form of tea?

The history of tea dates back to ancient China, almost 5,000 years ago. Emperor Shen Nung, described as the father of agriculture in Chinese mythology, is believed to have discovered green tea in 2737 BC. According to legend, as he rested with his entourage outdoors, a few leaves from a wild tree wafted into his pot of boiling water. Not noticing the change in colour, he sipped the intriguing brew and was instantly enchanted by its delicate flavour and refreshing effect.

After sipping the brew, the Emperor described a warm feeling as if it was investigating every part of his body. Shen Nung named it "ch'a", the Chinese character meaning to check or investigate. This written character symbolized the way tea brought humankind into balance with nature for the Chinese culture. Ancient China thus became the birthplace of tea and the Emperor, its inventor! Green tea became an imperial favourite, gradually and rightfully gaining fame all around the world, right after the discovery.

No longer merely used for its medicinal properties, tea is now known to be a beverage that provides everyday pleasure and refreshment!

The invention of Black Tea

Until the mid-17th century, green tea was prominent in China. As foreign trade increased, the Chinese growers discovered that they could preserve the tea leaves with a special fermentation process. The resulting Black tea kept its flavor and aroma longer and was more qualified for the export journeys to other countries as compared to green teas. The exports led to black tea making its place in other countries and eventually on our shelves!

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