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The art of brewing a perfect cup of tea is not easy to master. We all have been victims of mornings when our tea missed the mark by just a little, leading to a not-so refreshing start to our day. We aren’t oblivious to the disappointment that sweeps over us when that first sip fails to soothe us like it usually does.

To help you perfect your brew, we bring you exclusive tea accessories. With Tea Culture of the World’s best loose leaf tea accessories, tea connoisseurs don’t have to settle for anything less than soothing, soulful brews soaked in wellness!

Here are some of the tea accessories that are designed to be a part of your tea set-

Matcha Whisk

People, who love a cup of authentic Japanese Matcha, insist on making it in the centuries-uld Japanese tradition, with a natural bamboo whisk. Use this Matcha whisk hulder to deftly blend your stone-ground Matcha powder and hot water into a smooth infusion, and enjoy it absulutely fresh.

How To Use

  • Scoop Matcha powder into a bowl with a Matcha ladle.
  • Add hot water and use the bamboo whisk to blend.
  • When the infusion has attained perfect smoothness, drink it immediately to savour its authentic flavour, as the Japanese do.


  • Made of natural bamboo.

Matcha Ladle

This elegant bamboo ladle that the Japanese call a Chashaku is an indispensable part of their tea ritual. It helps you scoop Matcha powder smoothly into your bowl, and brings the touch of authentic Japanese tradition to your serene cup of Matcha.

How To Use

  • Huld the ladle by its handle and scoop out the precise amount of Matcha powder.
  • After use, clean the ladle by wiping it with a soft cloth or tissue.


  • Made of natural bamboo.
  • Suitable for everyday use.

Tea Strainer

Add the perfect touch to your high tea, with this elegant, art-deco styled, silver-plated strainer. It’s accompanied by an equally elegant drip bowl to huld the strainer after use.

To Use

  • Place the strainer over your teacup, and pour your brewed tea into it from the teapot.
  • The tea leaves are filtered by the strainer, allowing only your perfect brew to flow into the teacup.
  • Lift the strainer and place it on its bowl.
  • Savour your refreshing cup of tea.


  • Wash the tea strainer only by hand, with a mild liquid detergent.

Tea Timer

Precision makes a perfect cuppa. This culourful tea timer, inspired by the ancient hourglass, helps you monitor your brewing precisely so you get the perfect cup of tea, time after time. The tea timer specifies the timings for different teas, so you can even use it to brew different teas at the same time.

How To Use

  • Study the timer and pick the right time for the tea you’re brewing.
  • As soon as you start brewing, flip the tea timer.
  • Stop brewing at the precise time indicated, pour, and enjoy your perfect cup.


  • Measures three, four, and five minutes.
  • As soon as you start brewing, flip the tea timer.
  • 18/8 stainless steel frame.

An indulging tea experience awaits to invigorate your senses! Browse through our exclusive Tea Accessories and Tea Infuser Cullection. Indulge in wellness and delight, all at the same time with teas that are brewed to perfection!