Loose leaf tea can produce wonderful aromatic infusions if brewed correctly. Like everything else in life, brewing tea too takes a bit of practice. While brewing a simple cup of tea is easy, a little attention to the brewing technique and infusion can make it a delectable experience. Brewing tea consists of four components, water, tea leaves and temperature.


When tea leaves or herbs are added to kettle or pot of boiling water, the flavours from the tea leaves are infused into the water. This liquid (or liquor) is known as an infusion and the process of making an infusion is known as steeping. It’s best to make an infusion just before drinking. Buy our Whole Leaf Tea Infusers



Put a measured amount of tea leaves in the strainer. Pour boiling water over it and place the strainer in the water and allow it to steep. Remove the strainer with tea leaves and enjoy a hot cup of tea. The strainer can be reused to make fresh brews throughout the day. You buy the strainer in our accessories section here.


When tea leaves and herbs are allowed to simmer in a pot of water over the stove, you get a decoction. This process extracts all the medicinal constituents and flavours from the tea leaves and herbs. The simmering time depends on the type and quantity of the tea used. This technique does not allow for the reuse of the tea leaves as all the nutrients and flavours are extracted during the process.

Cold Brewing

This is possibly the simplest and the healthiest way to brew tea and can be used for any kind of tea. Put the tea in a glass container containing water and refrigerate it for 8 or more hours. Remove the tea leaves from the water and enjoy a refreshing brew. This process is highly recommended for green and oolong teas as it makes their brews smoother and sweeter.


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