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Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea

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As you whisk the stone-pounded green matcha tea powder with water and sip the delicate, sweet infusion, you’ll find yourself sliding into a mood of contemplative calm. The Japanese believe that drinking matcha tea enhances meditation, so don’t be surprised if your evening cup transports you to the land of Zen.

Indulge in a tea experience

To make one cup of Matcha tea, whisk half a teaspoon of the powdered tea with 200ml water, freshly boiled at 80°C. A hot cup of Matcha tea, accompanied with a rich white chocolate, is a lovely indulgence at any time of day.

caffeine level high

Caffeine Level



Here’s to Your Health

<li>Boosts metabolism</li>
<li>Aids weight loss</li>
<li>Calms, Relaxes and detoxifies the body and mind</li>

tea varieties

Tasting Notes

<strong>‘Sweet, Slightly astringent’</strong><br/>
The Liquor<br/>
Aroma: <strong>Fresh and Vegetal</strong><br/>
Appearance: <strong>Vibrant Green </strong><br/>
Taste: <strong> Delicately sweet, Smooth flavour with slight astringency</strong><br/>

Tea Story

Originally used to create an elixir for long life by Buddhist monk Elsai Eisai, Matcha has evolved from the beverage of monks and aristocrats to be enjoyed by everyone. The Japanese invest ceremony and ritual in the making of Matcha tea. The master of the tea ceremony creates an infusion in a traditional bowl, using a traditional ladle and whisk. The tea is prepared individually for every person present, embodying the Japanese philosophy of Ichigo Ichie, which means that every human interaction is unique and will not be repeated.

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