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For The Love Of White Teas: Sip On Our Silver Needle Tea

For The Love Of White Teas: Sip On Our Silver Needle Tea

It is not every day that we get a chance to indulge in all-things-rare. But, when the opportunity presents itself in the form of the wholesome white tea brews, you must embrace it with your arms wide open, and revel in its rarity. So, what is it about white tea that makes it so exclusive, so ethereal? Let’s find out-

What Is White Tea?

White Teas are the rarest of rare teas. The young fine shoots are hand-picked at the beginning of the season with the fine silver doves still attached to it. These buds are usually covered by minuscule white hair, lending the name to tea. The complex light flavoured tea leaves come from Fujian province in China, Darjeeling in India and some parts of Sri Lanka. White tea leaves bring you brews that are a pale yellow color in appearance and have a subtle, sweet flavour.

6 Primary Benefits Of White Tea

When it comes to health benefits, White tea is home to many. Drinking a cup once or twice daily can clear up your skin. Its antiviral and antibacterial properties help keep teeth and gums healthy. White tea brews also keep you alert, improving your focus on the task at hand. Let’s study some of the key benefits in detail-

1. Increased Bone Density:

Some studies show that free radicals and chronic inflammation are the main catalysts of osteoporosis. It is a health condition in which the bones become hollow and porous. The catechins present in white tea are known to help suppress the cells that break down bones, thereby promoting bone growth and density, and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

2. May Protect Against Rheumatoid Arthritis & Cancer:

White teas are known to have the highest levels of polyphenol. These are compounds that come from plants and have strong anti-inflammatory effects. They help preserve cartilage and bones. In addition, a study in 2010 found that antioxidants in white tea were more effective in preventing cancer than green tea. The antioxidants found in white tea can help build RNA. This can prevent the mutation of genetic cells that leads to cancer.

3. Weight Management:

Being home to a significant amount of catechins like EGCG, white tea can contribute significantly to weight management. The compound may have a synergistic effect. The catechins present in white tea can speed up digestive processes. Drinking it regularly (in moderate quantity) can help your body absorb nutrients easily by speeding up metabolism, bringing you a step closer to your fitness goals. The brews can help burn stored body fat, while preventing the formation of new fat cells.

4. Hair Health:

White tea brews are rich in epigallocatechin gallate, an antioxidant that helps promote hair growth and fights hair loss. EGCG has also come in handy when treating scalp skin diseases caused by bacteria that are resistant to common treatments. The best part is that white tea naturally protects against sun damage. This can do your hair a world of good in the summer season. The brews can also help restore the natural shine of your nature.

5. Skin Health:

The white tea benefits for skin are some of the primary reasons for its popularity. Drinking a cup once or twice daily can clear up your skin. Being home to antiseptic and antioxidant properties, the brews can help you achieve an even complexion. They can also help slow down the signs of aging by eliminating free radicals, keeping pigmentation and wrinkles at bay. White tea can help to reduce redness and inflammation caused by skin diseases such as eczema. You can also make face masks out of White tea leaves or place tea bags directly on the affected areas of your skin.

6. Oral Health:

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy becomes a much easier task with White tee. How? It contains high levels of flavonoids, tannins and fluorides that help teeth that greatly contribute to the cause. Both tannins and flavonoids help to prevent the build-up of plaque that can cause tooth decay and cavities. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay, and is often found in toothpastes. White tea also boasts antiviral and antibacterial properties that help keep gums healthy.

You can experience the many wonders of white tea with Tea Culture of the World’s Silver Needle Tea, curated exclusively for your delight and well-being.

Silver Needle White Tea by Tea Culture of the World

Every detail that goes into the making of Silver Needle tea is perfectly timed. Only the top buds are plucked during the day, when the sun is strong. This process is conducted only during 2 days in the entire year. The sunlight dries the leaves naturally, and stops the oxidation process, keeping the delicate flavor and aroma intact. The best white tea was once the exclusive privilege of royalty and nobility; even today Silver Needle is one of the world’s rarest white teas.

With every sip of this imperial favourite, you realize that you are savouring something rare and precious. Made exclusively from the first young buds of the plant, Silver Needle white tea is an elegant, smooth tea, with a sweetness that lingers on your palate. Here are the tasting notes:

Aroma: Subtly Floral

Appearance: Pale Yellow

Taste: Silky Smooth (with a lingering sweetness)

Caffeine Level: Low

How To Brew?

Here is a quick and simple Silver Needle Tea recipe to help you bring lingering tea experiences:

-Scoop 1 teaspoon of the White tea leaves into a teapot

-Pour 200ml of water freshly boiled at 85°C over the leaves

-Let the infusion steep for 5 minutes

-Pour yourself a hot cup of this exquisite brew

Now that you have the ultimate guide to all-things-white-tea, it is time to sip on the soul-soothing brews with Tea Culture of the World. We are home to 80+ exotic tea blends (Green teas, Black teas, White tea, Oolong teas, Tisane teas), brought to you from the finest of tea estates across the globe - browse through our premium collections, and place your order online today.

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