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Fact: No matter the season, the day, the time, or the mood - there’s a tea that fits the occasion!
Fact: Nothing can soothe our senses quite like tea does!
Fact: Tea is one of the few beverages that are a fine balance of wellness and delight!
Fact: All the facts above prove that it’s only fair to look after the ones who come to our rescue when we crave wellness a little more than usual.

It's the distinct flavours and enticing aromas of different teas that make every brew inviting. Tea blends require proper storage to preserve and retain its rare qualities. What good is an Oolong tea brew without a smoky, nutty aroma or a First Flush Darjeeling tea brew without its floral fragrance and refreshing flavours?

As tea lovers, we have all come across the problem of storing tea to keep them fresh and flavourful. If you are a tea connoisseur and have an undying passion for fresh brews, then every word you are about to read is going to make life a little more delightful for you.

Here’s all you need to consider while storing your teas:

1. Know The Shelf Life-

The shelf life of black loose leaf tea is about 18 months, for tea bags, it is 24 months and for paper bags, it is 2 years. The average shelf life of green loose leaf tea is about 18 months, after this period it slowly begins to fade in flavour. The shelf life of white loose leaf tea is usually a year or so. To best enjoy the brew’s freshness, drink it within six months.

2. Keep It In Dry Places-

Moisture can significantly reduce the lifespan of teas. It’s important to keep them dry and away from excess moisture. Keeping your tea storage free of moisture isn’t as simple as keeping the leaves away from liquids. Tea is hygroscopic. This means that it will absorb moisture from the air. Airtight loose leaf tea storage containers are the simplest way to solve this problem!

3. Store It Away From Light & Heat-

Light and heat can degrade the quality of teas. Avoid storing your tea in places where sunlight reaches. Loose tea should be stored in an airtight ceramic tea storage container or resealable zipper pouches. Place your tea storage box in a dark cabinet to keep the light out, and away from heat radiating appliances like stoves. Glass tea storage jars work too but only if they're stored in a dark cabinet or drawer.

4. Keep It Secluded-

Make sure to keep it away from anything that has a strong odour or flavour. Teas have a way of absorbing the scents and flavours from anything and everything around them. This also makes it important for you to keep different varieties of teas separate. If you are storing them all in one cabinet or drawer; store them separately in airtight containers so they don’t end up catching each other’s scents and flavours.