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The sweet-sour and slightly spicy Sulaimani tea adds the much needed zest to an otherwise mundane day! The citrusy flavour perks up your senses like no other, leaving you refreshed with every sip. Believed to have originated in the Arab world, Sulaimani tea is part of the culinary tradition of India’s Malabar region and the aristocratic city of Hyderabad.

With its delectable sweet-sour taste and digestive properties, it is enjoyed after a heavy biryani or a wedding banquet. The robustness of black tea is balanced with the tang of lemon and spices, creating a refreshing and soothing brew, perfect after a heavy meal.

Why is it called Sulaimani Tea?

In Arabic, the name Sulaiman translates to ‘Man of peace’. It is said that Prophet Mohammed used to often indulge in a beverage called ghava made with dates and black pepper. The drink soon became popular among the Arabs, who then changed the ancient recipe to better suit their tastes. The beverage was brought to the Malabar coast of India by Arab traders. As different cultures mingled, the recipe was further modified by adding local spices and replacing dates with sugar. Later, tea was added to the blend and it started being called Sulaimani.

What are the Sulaimani Tea benefits?

Sulaimani, with its moderate caffeine levels and citrusy notes, is known to have many health benefits. The robust and spicy brew can bring you the warmth of wellness and tangy delight, all at the same time. First and foremost, it helps with digestion and hence is consumed after heavy meals. It can help reduce cholesterol levels, keeping your heart health in check. It has anti-aging properties, improves blood flow, prevents clots and gives an energy boost.

How to brew Sulaimani Tea?

The Sulaimani tea recipe is one that is easy to master! Here is how you brew and savour the ever-zesty Sulaimani tea:

  • Scoop 1 teaspoon of the leaves into a teapot.
  • Pour 200ml of water freshly boiled at 100°C over the leaves.
  • Let the infusion steep for 3 minutes.
  • Pour yourself a hot, flavourful cup.
  • Add sugar if required, and savour it after a meal.

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