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All About Moroccan Mint Tea: Origin, Recipe & Benefits!

All About Moroccan Mint Tea: Origin, Recipe & Benefits!

When the magnificent culture of Morocco mingles with the inescapable freshness of mint, you are bound to get an infusion that excites, enchants and energises, all at the same time. Gentle whiffs of freshness soothe your senses as you sip on brews made of Moroccan Mint tea. Let’s learn a little about how this exquisite blend comes into being!

During the Crimean War in 1850, a British tea merchant realized he wouldn’t be able to deliver his Gunpowder green tea shipment to Scandinavia, and diverted it to Morocco instead. The locals quickly made the tea their own, by sweetening it and adding mint while brewing. The blend, called Maghrebi, was so smooth and sweet, that it soon became a hallmark of Moroccan social life. Even today, it is an essential element of hospitality.

Tea Culture of the World has curated its own personal Moroccan Mint Tea Blend - flavourful Chinese Gunpowder tea meets crisp, fresh mint, creating a uniquely sweet, smooth infusion. Treasure this delectable tea as your own private luxury, or if you’re feeling generous, share it with friends and guests as the Moroccans do.

What Are The Moroccan Mint Tea Benefits?

The health benefits of these vibrant green brews are just as impressive as its distinct characteristics. They are known to provide relief from stomach ailments and heartburn, can improve focus and intellectual performance, and have the power of restoring youthful glow.

Here is how the Moroccan Mint Green tea benefits keep you at your best all day-

Embrace Better Immunity-

Moroccan Mint tea brews are packed with calcium, magnesium, copper, fluoride, and selenium. Each one of these minerals is known to boost the immune system. They function in sync to prepare you for the relentless fight against bacteria, and viruses that can keep you under the weather for days. There’s no downside to this all-natural remedy as you get the best of both worlds - immense strength from the minerals and irresistible flavours from the hand-picked ingredients.

Breathe Easy-

Who doesn't like to breathe in the fresh scent of a brand new day? On days when you are ready to take on the world, don’t let an allergy or a congested chest bring you down. Moroccan Mint tea contains menthol, a known anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and analgesic that soothe the respiratory tract. If you are struggling in between breaths or are cooped up in your bed because of a stubborn cold, a warm Moroccan Mint tea brew is just what you need.

Keep Calm-

If you have often been a victim of stress, then this is your mantra - Keep Calm & Sip On Moroccan Mint Tea. With the hustle culture gaining popularity, it has become difficult to keep stress levels under control. There are a number of solutions out there - ranging from affordable to expensive; from simple to extreme. In a sea of remedies, Moroccan Mint tea is an obvious choice. Why? It contains an amino acid called L-Theanine. This compound is known to raise your levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter that keeps you calm, even in times of chaos.

Shine Bright-

With age comes a number of skin disorders, the most common being acne. Of course, looks are not everything. But, fact remains that these skin disorders can impact individuals emotionally, affecting their self-confidence to a significant degree. Here is where Moroccan Mint tea comes to the rescue. The sweet brews can reduce the excessive production of sebum known to cause acne breakouts. When paired with a regular skin hygiene routine, Moroccan Mint tea can give you a radiant glow, helping you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Stay Fit-

The New Year is right around the corner and so are the many 2021 resolutions! Moroccan Mint tea can help you cross two important ones off the list - achieve your fitness goals and embrace your unconditional love for tea! Herbal teas infused with mint can help you shed off those stubborn kilos quicker. Mint tea contains antioxidants known as catechins that help reduce abdominal fat. Add a cup or two of Moroccan Mint tea to your regular fitness regime and experience the benefits for yourself!

How To Make Moroccan Mint Tea?

The best indulgences can come from the simplest of recipes! To help you brew lingering tea experiences, here is our specially curated Moroccan Mint tea recipe:

  • Scoop 1 teaspoon of the Moroccan Mint tea leaves into a teapot.
  • Pour 200ml of water freshly boiled at 80°C over the leaves.
  • Let the infusion steep for 3 minutes.
  • Pour yourself a hot, refreshing cup.
  • Add some honey, if required.

Buy Moroccan Mint Tea From Tea Culture of the World!

If refreshing mint-laced brews are your cup of tea, then we have the finest infusion for you - order the best Moroccan Mint tea bags and Moroccan Mint loose leaf tea from Tea Culture of the World. The best of Morocco awaits you; indulge in a refreshing tea experience today!

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