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An Exotic Indulgence With Our Premium Tea Bag Subscription Plans

An Exotic Indulgence With Our Premium Tea Bag Subscription Plans

Every on-the-go tea connoisseur knows how priceless tea bags are. Yes, loose leaf tea indulgences make for unforgettable experiences. But, the fact remains that today’s fast-paced world leaves us with time windows that are too small to satiate our tea cravings in an elaborate manner. This is precisely where tea bags come to our rescue. They bring us the goodness of the rarest of teas with brews that hardly take minutes to make, allowing us to indulge in a quick tea experience that is both comforting and convenient!

The beauty of a tea bag lies in its many features - they are compact and convenient. The brew making process is not messy and they require no tea accessories; all you need is a tea bag and a mug and you are good to go!

At Tea Culture of the World, we understand that tea cravings can come unannounced when you are juggling the many tasks at hand and may not have the time to indulge in grand tea experiences. To make sure that you never have to turn a blind eye to your sudden tea cravings, we bring you two especially curated tea bag subscription plans. Each subscription brings you two very distinctive teas every month (that’s as many as 40 tea bags).

The tea bag subscription box is shipped by the 10th of every month. To make things merrier, shipping is free across India, and there’s more - accessories and specially curated add-ons that are designed to be on your tea shelf. Are you ready to indulge in our tasting and brewing notes? Take your pick-

1. An Invitation To Aficionados - An Exclusive 6 Month Experience (₹4500.00)

Perfect for those seekers who have developed a passion for hand-crafted teas. We completely relate with your discerning approach to tea and that’s why we have a plan which we have specially brewed for you. We have selected 12 exotic tea boxes for you + add-ons worth ₹1020/- free:

Vintage Tea Chest - 1 pc

Coaster - 1 pc

Tea Spoon - 1 pc

Tea Mug - 1 pc

2. An Invitation To Connoisseurs - An Exclusive 1 Year Experience (₹8500.00)

Perfect for those who only subscribe for the premium tea bags in life - for whom every nuance, every note, every sip is of consequence. If everything goes according to our plan, you are in for an experience that will linger. We have selected 24 exotic tea boxes for you + add-ons worth ₹2020/- free:

Vintage Tea Chest - 1 pc

Coaster - 2 pc

Tea Spoon - 2 pc

Tea Mug - 2 pc

Tea Culture of the World is where you’ll find the best tea bags in India. Each one of our subscription plans brings you access to premium, flavour-packed tea bags online - take your pick today!

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