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Incredible Jasmine Tea Benefits For Your Health, Skin & Hair

Incredible Jasmine Tea Benefits For Your Health, Skin & Hair

When fine Green tea leaves meet the fresh flora of the gardens, magic happens. With a sweet, lingering aroma and subtle tangy taste, each teacup filled to the brim with Jasmine tea introduces us to floral bliss! While the refreshing flavors tingle your senses, the antioxidant-rich Green tea leaves weave a spell of wellness through your system. The pale green brews bring you a treasure trove of Jasmine tea benefits, making you fall more in love with each sip.

The seasons guide the making of quality Jasmine Leaf tea. The tea leaves are plucked in spring and stored till early summer, when the jasmine blossoms appear. The fresh jasmine flowers are kept overnight with the tea leaves, so that they can infuse the leaves with their fragrance when they open. This process is repeated up to 10 times, infusing the leaves and the brew with a strong jasmine fragrance and flavour.

Jasmine Tea Benefits For Health

Jasmine tea is packed with powerful plant-based compounds known as polyphenols. They protect your cells against free radical damage, reducing the risk of heart diseases. The brews also promote good oral health, can boost brain function, and may lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Another significant health benefit - Jasmine Green tea for weight loss! Yes, the brews help you lose weight faster by speeding up your metabolism.

Jasmine Tea Benefits For Skin

Pure Jasmine tea can keep natural stressors at bay, helping you maintain clear skin. The natural oil present in it brings you the gift of an even skin tone. It works wonders for dry or delicate skin! The polyphenols destroy free radicals which cause wrinkles and skin damage. They also help even out skin pigmentation and reduce fine lines. 2-3 cups per day is just the perfect amount to help you embrace a radiant glow.

Jasmine Tea Benefits For Hair

Regular consumption of Jasmine tea can ensure long, lustrous and thick hair! If you love thick hair locks, then this one is your go-to tea! The brews fight off scalp infections, while keeping it moisturized. This prevents hair fall and dandruff. If you want to deep-condition your hair while maintaining its natural color, jasmine tea is perfect for the job; you don't even have to rinse it out!

How To Make Jasmine Tea?

This is a tea you can savour even before you sip it, as the long curled leaves brew in a pale green infusion, releasing the delicate fragrance of jasmine. For one cup of Jasmine Leaf tea:

  • - Scoop 1 teaspoon of the leaves into a teapot.
  • - Pour 200ml of water freshly boiled at 85°C over the tea leaves.
  • - Let the infusion steep for 3 minutes.
  • - Pour the fragrant tea into a cup.
  • - Enjoy it any time you feel like indulging yourself, with honey or lemon.

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