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Know Your Cup Of Tea: Interesting Facts About Green Tea

Know Your Cup Of Tea: Interesting Facts About Green Tea

An immunity booster, a natural remedy to keep illnesses at bay, a healthier alternative for coffee, nutrient-packed, antioxidant-rich, and the likes - when it comes to the list of facts about Green tea, most of what we know revolves around its ability to heal. But, how much do we truly know about our beloved Green tea otherwise? Let’s unravel the many mysteries of Green tea beyond its popular title of a ‘wellness potion’.

Here are some known and some unknown facts about Green tea, highlighting its origin, characteristics, types and other uses!

5 Interesting Facts About Green Tea:

1. The Tale

The history of tea dates back to ancient China, almost 5,000 years ago. Emperor Shen Nung is believed to have discovered Green tea in 2737 BC. Legend has it that as he rested with his entourage outdoors, a few leaves from a wild tree wafted into his pot of boiling water. Not noticing the change in colour, he sipped the intriguing brew and was instantly enchanted by its delicate flavour and refreshing effect.

2. The Processing

Green teas are fresh tea leaves with very little processing. They do not undergo the oxidation process. The leaves, after being plucked, are allowed to wither for a few hours. They are then steamed or panned to remove the moisture and trap the antioxidants within the leaves.

3. The Flavor

The flavours of the Green tea change from region to region; with more grassy-flavoured green teas coming from Japan, peachy and chocolaty teas from China and gunpowder flavours coming from Taiwan. Tea Culture of the World is home to Green tea blends from the finest tea estates across the world, bringing you tea indulgences crafted to serve your taste.

4. The Uses

Who isn’t aware of the nutrition facts about green tea and the many health benefits that drinking green tea every day brings. Yes, the primary purpose of Green tea is to help tea lovers embrace wellbeing, one sip at a time. But, that’s not its sole purpose - there’s more to Green tea than meets the eye; for example:

  • Placing Green tea bags under your eyes works like a charm when it comes to treating puffy eyes and dark circles.
  • Green tea can help remove the scent of onions, garlic, or other odiferous ingredients from a cutting board or countertop, pots and pans.
  • Dry the used green tea leaves or bags and put them in a small container in your refrigerator. They can absorb refrigerator odors for 3-7 days.
  • Green tea provides an excellent yet gentle way to remove odors from carpets and mats.
  • A strong infusion of Green tea can help reduce foot odor - arrange a little at-home foot spa while sipping on a refreshing brew!
  • If you have a bit of leftover green tea in your cup or teapot, simply water your plants with it! The nitrogen and other natural elements can help your plants flourish faster!

5. A Fun Fact For Beginners

*drumrolls* Green tea isn’t always green in colour! Yes, it’s true that some green teas, like the Japanese sencha, can appear bright green after they’re brewed. But, most green teas are meant to look pale yellow when brewed correctly. So it’s perfectly fine if your cup of Green tea doesn’t exactly “look” green!

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