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Oolong Tea vs. Green Tea: Which is Healthier?

Oolong Tea vs. Green Tea: Which is Healthier?

With brews that are the very essence of wellness, Green tea has done justice to the popularity crown that has been granted to it! But, tea connoisseurs today are looking beyond the good ol’ Green tea to find wellness. This is where Oolong tea swiftly sways into the picture. The fact that both the primary types of tea are packed with multiple health benefits, puts one in a true dilemma when picking sides in the Oolong vs. Green Tea war!

Let’s take a deeper dive into what the two teas are made of and what they bring to the table.

Oolong vs. Green Tea: The Origin

During the Ming dynasty, monks living on Songluo Mountain in Anhui, China discovered that allowing tea leaves to oxidize partially, before they were pan-fired, created a darker, fragrant tea. Today, this flavourful tea is known as Oolong. It grew in popularity rapidly and was declared an Imperial tea by the Emperor Hongwu. It is one of the world’s favourite Chinese teas today.

Emperor Shen Nong, renowned in Chinese mythology as the father of agriculture as well as medicine, is said to have discovered green tea in 2737 BC. As he rested with his entourage outdoors, a few tea leaves wafted into his cup of hot water. Not noticing the change in colour, he sipped the brew and was enthralled with its delicate flavour and refreshing effect. Green tea became an imperial favourite and its fame gradually spread through the rest of the world.

Oolong vs. Green Tea: Taste & Processing

A piece of art, tradition and craftsmanship is seen in a cup of Oolong tea. Oolong tea is oxidized, and only an expert will know how to extract the right flavour and how much to oxide it. The tea leaves, which may be oxidized from 20% to 80%, are repeatedly rubbed to generate the correct texture and flavour. From soft floral flavours to nutty, toasty flavours, Oolong tea flavours vary depending upon the level of oxidation.

Green Teas are fresh tea leaves with very little processing. They do not undergo the oxidation process. The leaves, after being plucked, are allowed to wither for a few hours. They are then steamed or panned to remove the moisture and trap the antioxidants within them. The flavours differ from region to region; with more grassy-flavoured green teas coming from Japan, peachy and chocolaty teas from China and gunpowder flavours coming from Taiwan.

Benefits of Oolong Tea vs. Green Tea

In the battle of Oolong tea vs. Green tea for weight loss, the two share the victory spot; but when it comes to Green tea vs. Oolong tea antioxidants’ presence, Oolong tea wins the round as it contains more antioxidants than Green tea.

Drinking just one cup of Oolong tea daily can accelerate the weight loss process. It possesses properties that can fight obesity by accelerating metabolism and improving fat mobilization. Antioxidants present in oolong can give a radiant glow to your skin. Making a tea rinse out of oolong leaves and applying it to your scalp can stimulate hair growth, making it look thick and lustrous. Being semi-oxidized, this ancient beverage is known to improve heart health as well.

Green tea is an all-natural way to ensure higher metabolism, stronger immunity against illnesses and a calm spirit! It is also popular as a healthy weight loss aid. Packed with antioxidants and healthy compounds, this beverage can help you shed kgs faster with lesser effort. Being home to wonderful healing properties, it is one of the most simple, harmless yet effective remedies for skin care.

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