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Open Your Doors To The Wellness Realm With Pu-erh Tea

Open Your Doors To The Wellness Realm With Pu-erh Tea

Over the years, green and black tea varieties have become a must-have-daily beverage for multiple reasons; their many health benefits being on top of that list. Of all tea varieties, Pu-erh tea is one that is best known for its healing properties. It comes from the Camellia sinensis plant and is cultivated exclusively in the Yunnan province of China and derives its name from the Pu-erh county where it is grown. Being moderately caffeinated, it is often consumed in the morning or early afternoon to boost energy levels.

What is Pu-erh Tea?

A unique fermenting process puts Pu-erh tea in a league of its own. The leaves are fermented over years, giving them an exotic, complex flavour. As you sip the rich infusion, layer after layer of flavour is revealed, much like a wine that has aged for decades. No wonder this unusual Chinese brew has enthralled tea lovers around the world!

With strong, rich flavours, Pu-erh tea taste is full-bodied and brisk; the scent is much like that of petrichor emanating from the earth after the first rains have graced it. The dark brown appearance adds more to its robustness. Take a break on a busy day and brew yourself a cup of this black tea; enjoy its rich taste as you do your health a world of good.

Top 5 Pu erh Tea Benefits

1. Detoxifies Your Body-

An all-natural detox is mandatory once in a while. Pu-erh cleanses toxins and free radicals. It uses its oxidative properties to improve oxygen levels, enhancing circulation and blood flow. The many foods that we eat may contain fatty oils and chemicals that release harmful toxins in our body. The tea helps cleanse the body from these toxins.

2. Reduces Cholesterol-

A healthy heart is a happy heart! A Chinese study shows that Pu-erh tea helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and prevents obesity-related diseases. Just a single cup of Pu-erh tea a day is enough to help you lower your risk of heart disease. How? It helps produce lovastatin which is a natural status commonly used to treat high cholesterol.

3. Improves Digestion-

The lovastatin present in the Pu-erh tea leaves improves digestion and can help relieve symptoms of constipation. The antioxidants and polyphenols in Pu-erh teas further aid in digestion and fat breakdown.

4. Aids With Weight Management-

It is believed that Pu-erh tea keeps your body from producing excess fat and boosts metabolism. When paired well with exercises and a healthy diet, you can see effective results. It also plays a significant role in balancing the bacteria present in the stomach, leading to improved digestion after heavy meals.

5. Reduces Stress & Induces Sleep-

Pu-erh tea does contain caffeine but in limited quantity; certainly not enough to make you wired or jittery. In fact, it’s the opposite. The tea helps reduce stress, making sure that you get a good night’s sleep after a long, tiring day!

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