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Tea accessories for the true tea fanatics

Tea accessories for the true tea fanatics

Tea - our morning ritual, our sip at first sight, our saving grace, our comfort beverage. It’s the first thing on our mind when we wake up. After all, there’s nothing that prepares you better for the day than a warm cup of this wellness elixir. Exclusive tea experiences are a tea connoisseur’s paradise - a cosy corner by the window, gentle breeze making the curtains sway, a warm, healthy brew created from signature tea blends and unique tea accessories that make these experiences all the more sumptuous.

To make things merrier, tea accessories and gifts go hand-in-hand. The right tea accessories will have tea lovers beaming with joy.

Here are a few accessories that deserve a spot on your tea shelf and can make for wonderful presents as well.

Tea Infuser

From a domestic beverage to an indulgent gourmet experience, tea has indeed come a long way. Today, it has become an exclusive affair and exclusive affairs come with equally exclusive elements. The first one on the list is a Tea Infuser. It is placed in a mug or a teapot and is used to steep loose tea leaves. It holds the leaves together to keep them from floating through your beverage while extracting the best flavour from them. Unlike single-use tea bags, a tea infuser is reusable as it is usually made with mesh wires. Tea infusers gained popularity in the first half of the 19th century. The earliest models were made of bamboo.


A tea party without a teapot is no tea party at all. Teapots have been an integral part of the tea culture for as long as one can remember. They are present in the history of our ancestors and in children’s story books. It was invented in China during the Yuan Dynasty. It is believed to be derived from ceramic kettles and wine pots, which were made of bronze and other metals. Tea preparation during previous dynasties did not use a teapot but today it is an absolute necessary addition to every tea bar.

Tea Sets

There is no denying the fact that every tea enthusiast has a shelf dedicated to tea sets- from traditional clay to Japanese porcelain; from antique ceramic to crystal glass. When it comes to tea sets, be it functional or decorative, one can never have too many. Unique tea sets take the tea experience a notch up, not just for you but also for your guests. The earliest recorded use of tea sets dates back to the Han Dynasty in China (206-220 B.C.), when tea was served in multi-functional bowls, used for a variety of cooking needs. Back then, tea was used as a medicine, and not for pleasure on a daily basis.

These tea accessories are designed to make a good brew the best! If you are looking for ‘tea accessories near me’ or ‘tea accessories India’, then you are in the right place. Tea Culture Of The World brings you unique tea accessories online.

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