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With Love, from The Estates

With Love, from The Estates

How often do you find yourself craving a cup of warm tea first thing in the morning or after a long, exhausting day? The sheer joy that a soothing brew brings is incomparable. No wonder that after water, tea is the second-most popular beverage.

The kind of tea that can put you in a trance doesn’t come in tea bags but from the sun-kissed tea estates. The brews that introduce your mind to tranquillity and your body to wellness are a product of these fresh loose leaf tea leaves plucked from the best tea estates in India and across the world.

Estate teas are fine quality tea leaves that come from estate tea gardens in the colder, hilly regions of the world. Ideal climate in these areas are responsible for the thriving tea estates. Tea Culture of the World’s finest loose leaf tea leaves are handpicked from tea estates in Japan, China, Vietnam, South Africa, Argentina, and of course, India.

Here are some of the favourites from Tea Culture of the World’s Estate Tea Collection:

Makaibari Estate Tea

When you are in need of a restorative, nature provides the wonderfully refreshing Makaibari tea. Take in its soothing aroma as it brews, appreciate its deep amber hue and let its robust flavour rejuvenate you for the day.

The Tea Story:

The Makaibari tea estate in Darjeeling is a particularly distinguished one – it’s renowned for housing the world’s first tea factory, producing some of the world’s finest black teas and is also a natural sanctuary. Its 150 year old tea trees grow alongside a thriving sub-tropical rainforest, which gives Makaibari tea its soothing muscatel aroma.

Dikom Estate Tea

This distinctive malty, brisk Dikom tea comes from one of India’s oldest tea estates. As you savour its smooth texture, you’ll feel like you’re breakfasting by Assam’s Sessa River, which flows through the Dikom estate and is believed to lend the black tea its mellow sweetness.

The Tea Story:

The Dikom estate in south-east Assam was given its name by the Bodo-Kachari tribe of Assam. It is the finest Assam tea estate. In their language ‘Di’ means water - the tribe believes it’s the water of the Sessa River, flowing through the estate that blesses the tea with sweetness. This gracious river, the high temperatures of the region and its heavy rainfall, all give Dikom tea its irresistible taste and texture.

Namring Estate Tea

Namring tea first makes an impact on your senses with its enchanting aroma - a blend of lavender, geranium and oak wood. As you sip the delicate peach brew, the refreshing tangy taste banishes the afternoon slump and perks you up for a lively evening.

The Tea Story:

This fine, health-giving tea comes from Namring, Darjeeling’s second largest tea estate and one of the best Darjeeling tea estates. Established in 1855, Namring Tea Estate produces some of the world’s finest black tea that is found in many popular black tea blends. The steep terrain and misty climate of the estate infuses the tea with a distinctive flavour and refreshing taste, making it a perfect evening tea.

Browse through our collection to pick your favourite estate tea. Brew a cup and allow the rare flavours and aromas to surround you with a sense of well-being!

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