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Telescopic Infuser


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A convenient and stylish telescopic shaped tea infuser attached to a flat ball. The ball can be opened in two halves by pressing a spring operated lever in the handle, and closed after putting the tea leaves. The infuser is put in the hot water for the required time and taken out while tea leaves remain inside the ball. The tea leaves in the infuser can be easily reused by repeating the same process. Suitable for 1-2 cups of tea.

This infuser is suitable for whole leaf teas, and not for Chai.


<li> Ball shaped tea Infuser (5 cms diameter) with a sturdy long push handle. </li>
<li>Made of high grade stainless steel with extra-fine perforated mesh.</li>
<li>Perfect & practical medium to steep all loose leaf teas, herbs, flowers and * spices which expand & need a lot of room for steeping.</li>
<li>If you enjoy drinking whole leaf teas this infuser is a perfect means of brewing loose teas even at work or while travelling.</li>

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