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6 refreshing iced tea recipes that you would want to try this summer

6 refreshing iced tea recipes that you would want to try this summer

Across the whole world, tea is considered the most popular drink. People drink tea for not only its health benefits but also for its attractive flavors and seasonal usability.

Due to the different weather, sometimes we feel cold and sometimes hot. Like tea, it has its own different flavors according to particular seasons and weather conditions. That’s why tea is more popular than other drinks. In the summer season, it's obvious that you want to drink something cold and iced.

As people prefer to drink cold drinks, iced tea is the best option for people of all ages. Iced tea ingredients include sugar, water, tea extracts, aromas/flavors, antioxidants, juice, and acidity regulators.

Iced tea flavors may be cherry, orange, strawberry, peach, raspberry, lemon, lime, and passion fruit. Iced tea was first popularized in the south of the USA and later spread and gained popularity all over the world. Let’s have a look at its exclusive health benefits.

Benefits of iced tea

Iced tea is very effective in losing weight. If you are drinking unsweetened iced tea, then it will give you fewer calories and sugar in your blood. Iced tea keeps you refreshed and helps you be more productive in your daily routine.

Flavonoids remain in a huge amount, which is a powerful substance to keep out chronic diseases. It helps you to lessen your stress and tissue inflammation. Green Iced tea also prevents cancer as it contains antioxidants.

Iced tea enables you to fight against pathogens and infectious diseases as it has antioxidants and nutrients. Almost all types of iced tea are mixed with vitamin C, which will greatly help you build up your immune system.

Iced tea helps to strengthen bone by adding calcium and manganese. In particular, summertime iced tea protects you from losing bone minerals and thus protects you from the dangerous bone disease osteoporosis. Moreover, fluoride can be found in iced tea, which makes your teeth healthy.

Iced tea especially in summer helps your body hydration. Iced tea ensures hydration so that you can stay far from the risks of stroke, kidney disease, and some other diseases. Iced tea’s diuretic effects are the least, so it can hydrate your body very easily.

There are various types of iced tea recipes. We will discuss and learn about 6 types of iced tea. From the following, you can have a glance at those.

6 Types of iced tea

1. Flowery Bouquet:

This type of iced tea is the most flavored iced you ever tasted. The Flowery bouquet blends rose, hibiscus flowers, and green tea. Because of its multidimensional flavors, you will feel good and refreshed. To prepare a 200 ml cup of flowery bouquet iced tea, you just tear and pour the tea mix into 80° hot water. After that stir properly. And wait for 3 minutes. If you want to eat iced tea hot, then use 1 tea bag; if you want to drink it cold, then use 2 tea bags.



2. Moroccan Mint Iced Tea:

To refresh your minds, moroccan mint iced tea can be another fantastic option. To boost your immune system and cure respiratory problems you can take this tea every day. Moroccan Mint Iced Tea contains ingredients like sugar syrup, lime juice, and moroccan mint green tea. To make ready one cup of moroccan mint iced tea you should put sugar and then tea bags. Make sure tea bags are at the bottom of the cup. Then you just pour hot water into the pot. Stir and take out the tea bags after around 2 minutes. Then add ice cubes to the water and stir, and take with a very fresh mind in an enjoyable atmosphere.



3. Soothing chamomile:

In this summer, you are, of course, trying to find a tea option that will refresh you. Soothing chamomile iced tea will be best for you. This is a caffeine-free iced tea that is loaded with antioxidants. Soothing chamomile iced tea-drinking habits will protect you from heart disease and cancer. To prepare one cup of soothing chamomile iced tea you should brew tea bags for ten minutes. And then just wait for one hour to get the water cold. Add sugar and some ice cubes into it. Then serve and drink refreshing iced tea.

4. Mango Love Iced Tea:

For your body hydration, mango love iced tea is one of the best options. It’s a seasonal fresh drink people love all over the world. Mango love iced tea contains antioxidants and vitamins A and C. According to studies, it’s a guilt-free healthy drink. To prepare a cup of mango love iced tea first you need to brew water for 5 minutes and add tea bags and wait until it becomes dark. After removing tea bags, add some mango nectar or blended mango juice. Add sugar and ice cubes in 2/3 pieces. Then serve and enjoy this seasonal and especially Indian tea flavor.

5. Detox Iced Tea:

Detox iced tea is another flavored iced tea you can enjoy in the summertime. Detox iced tea boosts your body metabolism and thus rejuvenates you. It also helps to detoxify or remove toxins from your body and stomach if you drink it the right way and at the right time. To prepare a cup of fresh detox iced tea, you boil the water first. Then put tea bags, add cinnamon, star anise, and orange peels. Boil for a few minutes and remove the tea bags and orange peels. To make it cold put the teapot in a refrigerator for one hour and then add ice cubes. Add orange juice and garnish with mint and serve delicious detox iced tea.

6. Refreshing lemon honey:

This is another type of iced tea that can boost your digestion system more than other types of tea. Moreover, it will promote your immune system and keep your skin healthy. Studies show that it can be a great start to your day to drink one cup of refreshing lemon honey iced tea. To enjoy a cup of refreshing lemon honey iced tea you need to brew water properly and add tea bags. Remove tea bags and add lemon slices. Then add honey to taste and stir properly to dissolve honey properly. Then add ice cubes and serve tasty summer tea.



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