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A Refreshing Start To 2023 With Soothing Teas

A Refreshing Start To 2023 With Soothing Teas

New Year's is an exciting time for almost every person. Everyone is wide-eyed, willing and ready to welcome the new opportunities and memories; to be kinder, healthier, wiser, stronger and so on. What better way to celebrate this excitement than to start fresh with a flavourful plus healthy tea cuppa assuring you that it's going to be a good, good year?

One of the greatest joys of life is sipping on a warm cup of tea! Tea connoisseurs also love to drink tea for health benefits. With delicate flavours, an invigorating aroma, the light, tingling sensation you feel as the tea travels down your throat and the sense of contentment as it soothes your soul, one sip at a time - Tea Culture Of The World brings you an exclusive and immersive tea experience. Indulge in our finest, signature tea blends packed with multiple health benefits. Your refreshing start to the new year awaits!

Green Tea Blends


The refreshing aroma rising from this liquid emerald keeps you going back for more. The strident sunlight in which the leaves are cultivated under, bring out the vibrant green color of the leaves. The bursts of sweetness in this rich tea makes you fall in love with this potion of opulence.

Moroccan Mint

A blend, that is a sign of hospitality and friendship in Morocco, makes you feel invigorated and light. The tea benefits are many and this special blend creates a sweet and smooth tea. This refreshing, cleansing brew is luxury in a teacup. All it takes is a sip to revive yourself! Also known as the Maghrebi, this is a blend of Gunpowder tea leaves from the land of the rising sun and a clear taste of mint from Morocco.

Black Tea Blends

Decaf Black

Do you enjoy the astringency of black tea but wish the caffeine didn’t come with it? We have the perfect tea for you. Our Decaf Black is an exquisite black tea with robust flavors that you will love, sans the caffeine. Our natural process of decaffeinating the tea ensures the tea leaves don’t lose their healthy flavonoids, making it a good tea for health enhancement. Enjoy this perfect cup of classic black tea at night, without the worry of staying awake.

Minty Treat

The classic mint-tea combination is now just a teacup away. Our signature blend, Minty Treat, is the perfect way to end your meal on a fresh note. The rich black tea leaves sourced from India lend this brew it's malty flavor while the perky mint balances it out. So go on, brew yourself a Minty Treat!

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