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Fight The Cold With A Warm Cuppa!

Fight The Cold With A Warm Cuppa!

Winter... shorter days and cozy snuggles; it's a perfect setting for comfort food and mellow cuppas all day, everyday! Picture it- white bed sheets, lazy weekends sitting in a corner, or morning times by your balcony- ah, the feeling of winters! And how can you miss Christmas time and all celebrations waiting to put you in a merry mood! Winters are a time to kick back and let the time pass by. All you need is something warm, something aromatic and something comforting- yes, that's a cup of the best green tea, your perfect winter companion!

Tea has been an integral part of our lives since as long as we can remember. It's the rightful graduation from chocolate milk to a refreshing cup of brewed tea. Why is tea so tempting moresoever during colder days? It is the warmth you feel slipping ever so lightly down your throat, the refreshing feeling you get right away or the aroma that awakens your senses or the comforting flavuors that take you to your happy place!

While the experience is that of a bliss, tea during winters have more than one reason to be picked up- the health benefits it brings along! A common recipe to fight cold, tea generates heat that's soothing to your body in cold weather.

Tea is known to act as an anti-inflammatory when you have a cold. Chamomile tea and peppermint tea are a popular remedy for people recovering from the common cold. Matcha green tea benefits include preventing and fighting against cold and flu as well. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and catechins, a type of antioxidant that is found in the tea leaves. Drinking Matcha will gently provide you with a caffeine boost and assist your immune system to fight back.

Brew the perfect cuppa to fight cold

While using loose leaf tea:

Step 1: Use 1 tbsp / 2 gms of loose leaf tea
Step 2: 80°C (175 °F) hot cup of 250 ml (8 oz water)
Step 3: Steep for 3 -5 mins
Step 4: Enjoy your brew

While using tea bag:

Step 1: Use 1 tea bag
Step 2: For 80°C (175 °F) hot cup of 250 ml (8 oz water)
Step 3: Steep for 3 -5 mins
Step 4: Enjoy your brew

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