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Discover delight with our fruity blends

Discover delight with our fruity blends

An extraordinary tea blend always comes with the promise of introducing you to a healthy, flavourful indulgence. Signature fruit tea blends by Tea Culture of the World ensure that your cup of tea has the best of it all- fresh tea leaves hailing from renowned estates from across the world, hand-picked ingredients that wonderfully complement each other and that extra fruit punch to make the experience all the more delightful. Every sip of this brew holds the key to your well-being.

Apple Cinnamon Duet

Indulge in our apple cinnamon tea to revel in the glorious symphony of flavours. The tart, crisp sweetness of apples, the spice of cinnamon and the mild notes of green tea come together beautifully in our signature blend, to charm your palate and energise your body.

The Tea Story

Rich aromatic cinnamon from South India, crisp German apples and subtly sweet Vietnamese green tea create a wonderfully balanced harmony of flavours. We have deployed the freeze-dry technology to ensure that the apples retain their freshness and flavour, and add their unique tartness to the tea.

Go Guava

Sip this tart, sweet and refreshing tea and slip into a vision of a tropical paradise. Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients and fruit, Go Guava tea blend does as much for your health as it does for your palate.

The Tea Story

Go Guava is a delectable summer tea - guava, pineapple and raspberries combine with rose hips and green tea, to create an incredibly refreshing and soothing brew. Laced with natural guava and vanilla flavour, this tea is a must when energy flags and you’re in need of a pick-me-up.

Mango Love

Irresistible, juicy goodness of mangoes and the mild flavour of the best green tea come together in this signature blend. Every fruity, refreshing sip of this mango leaf tea evokes the feeling of summertime, right through the year.

The Tea Story

A well-balanced, luxurious blend of fruits, herbs and green tea makes Mango Love unique. The finest, most succulent mangoes, pineapples, papayas, apples, dog rose hips and verbena complement the mild astringency of green tea, giving you a tea that’s flavourful and nutrient-rich too.

Strawberry Farm

Visions of the sun-washed European countryside fill your mind as you sip this concoction of strawberries, roses and green tea. Fragrant, refreshing and delicious, Strawberry tea is sheer luxury in a teacup.

The Tea Story

The most elegant, delicious ingredients come together to create this delectable tea. The tanginess of strawberries and mild astringent notes of green tea are balanced by the sweetness of rose buds, creating a blend that’s rich in flavour, energizing and rejuvenating.

A delightful tea experience awaits you - browse through our fruity tea blends, take your pick and sip on a brew that soothes your soul.

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