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For The Sweet Tooth In You: Exotic Teas To Curb Sugar Cravings

For The Sweet Tooth In You: Exotic Teas To Curb Sugar Cravings

Cravings are not just a phase; they are genuine emotions that make our day when catered to, and keep us up at night, if brushed aside. This is specially the case when the sweet tooth in you wakes up and makes demands. Thankfully, there is a secret to satisfying them - say hello to exotic teas to curb your sugar cravings. Our wellness tea blends wonderfully serve your confectionery cravings; especially with a dash of honey for that sweet taste of satisfaction.

In this day and age of tailored experiences, there is a range of teas out there curated to please all kinds of tea lovers. Here are some of Tea Culture of the World’s wellness teas to reduce sugar cravings.The best part? They are sugar-free! These blends are sure to please tea enthusiasts who are always in search of sweet servings.

5 Best Teas To Curb Sugar Cravings

1. Moroccan Mint tea:

This one is, hands down, one of the best herbal teas to curb sugar cravings. Moroccan Mint Tea Blend - flavourful Chinese Gunpowder tea meets crisp, fresh mint, creating a uniquely sweet, smooth infusion. Treasure this delectable tea as your own private luxury, or if you’re feeling generous, share it with friends and guests as the Moroccans do.

2. Apple Cinnamon Duet:

Cinnamon is a sweet spice, known for its medicinal properties. Several studies show that the potent polyphenols present in it help to reduce sugar cravings by controlling blood glucose levels. The crisp sweetness of cinnamon and apples, and the mild notes of green tea come together beautifully in our signature 'Apple Cinnamon' tea blend. Indulge in a tea that’s like a glorious symphony of flavours.

3. Rooibos Tea:

The deep red leaves of South Africa’s rooibos unfurl to create a beautiful, aromatic red infusion. It is also used as the base for herbal tea blends because it blends quite well with other flavors like citrus and mint. Indulge in a cup of this smooth, sweet rooibos tea and you can almost taste the misty freshness of the rugged Cederberg mountains from where it comes.

4. Sencha:

A Chinese monk first introduced the Japanese to the art of rolling tea leaves, instead of grinding them into a powder. With its jewel green hue, fresh aroma and delicate flavour, Japan’s green tea is sheer luxury in a teacup. Savour a cup of minimally processed, delicately sweet Sencha, laced with a subtle tang, and feel stress float away.

5. Calming Chamomile:

This unique blend combines mild, refreshing green tea leaves and chamomile - a flower known to relieve tension, relax the body and calm the mind. This soothing sweet tea is recommended for people who have trouble getting a good night’s rest. A couple of cups in the evening after 4 pm, on a non-working day, is sure to ease you into a restful sleep by 8 pm.

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If you are a tea lover with an unconditional affection for all-things-confection, Tea Culture of the World has the best herbal teas and exotic teas created to bring you the sweet taste of wellness. So, the next time you wonder how to stop sugar cravings instantly, just brew yourself a warm cup of tea. If you prefer a chilled drink, our Moroccan Mint tea blend is your best bet! We are home to more than 80 exotic tea blends; each one brings you lingering tea experiences.

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