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Gifting Good Health To Your Loved Ones

Gifting Good Health To Your Loved Ones

In today's fast-paced world, almost every person we know is busy meeting a goal or running an errand. With a thousand things to juggle, it's as hard for them to take better care of themselves as it is for us. When the opportunity presents itself, seize it and gift good health to the ones you hold close to your heart!

No matter the occasion, a basket filled with little things like tea bag gifts that are not only delectable but also come with several health benefits is sure to put a smile on their faces. With Christmas and New Years' looming right around the corner, you have the perfect opportunity coming up.

With the finest, handcrafted loose tea blends, exclusive gifting by Tea Culture Of The World is at your service. You can add notes to the basket that contain our Christmas recipes to make it merrier!

Here are some gift collections you can choose from:

Leaf Tales Wellness Collection

This one is a must-have in this fast-paced life to help one detox and start afresh. Rejuvenate is redefined with the soothing aromas of various teas in our Wellness Collection. Packed with super ingredients, you’ll find that these teas not only heal the body but also reinvigorate the soul. Gift them inner peace with each cup.

Leaf Tales Indian Collection

One can savour the best of India in this exquisite selection of our most-loved Indian blends. Only the finest of teas to take one through the exotic land of India. The teas in this collection contains a flavour roller coaster from fruity to malty with a healthy dose of spices.

Leaf Tales Signature Blend

An assortment of flavours and fragrances come together in our Signature Blend gift set. Each tea in this range has been created by bringing together ingredients that add a twist to tea. In this box are some of our top sellers that can turn even non-tea drinkers into tea enthusiasts. Fruity, floral, spicy, sweet, it’s all in there. And whether they like iced-teas or hot brews, they are sure to enjoy every tea that is part of this gift pack.

Everyday Elixir

To us teas are more than just beverages. They are potent wellness brews, strong potions and endless journeys. This gift set is a small glimpse into the world of fine teas. The set comprises a range of our premium teas and comes in a Royal blue circular packaging. Inside are 60 vibrant colored teabags of 10 exotic flavours.

If you are wondering what to put in your tea gift box, you can opt for our signature masala tea bags and kashmiri kahwa tea bags.

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