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Stay Focused With Our High Caffeine Teas

Stay Focused With Our High Caffeine Teas

Rare are the days when we hop right off the bed and into work mode. As much as we all love to be our fierce selves, it’s almost impossible to do so on a daily basis. Why? The curse of laziness! We have all had days where we struggled to shake off the morning haze. When you wake up to mornings laced with lethargy, High Caffeine Teas can be your saving grace!

What is a high caffeine tea? The very solution to dull mornings. Is caffeine in tea bad for you? No at all. These tea blends contain just the right amount of caffeine to help you stay focused, while also promoting your overall wellness. It’s a win-win situation! Here are some of the wellness tea blends curated by Tea Culture of the World to help you stay sharp-

7 Best High Caffeine Teas

1. Masala Chai Classic:

Masala Chai is believed to be a centuries-old Indian concoction, created as an invigorating home remedy for common ailments. Our own recipe combines black tea leaves with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and bay leaves. Few can resist the spice-infused flavour of India’s favourite tea. Savour its rich aroma and amber colour, as it delights your palate with every sip.

2. Ginger Classic:

A cup of Ginger Classic can help keep illnesses at bay as you go on to seize the day! Most of us have already experienced the quick, soothing relief brought to us by ginger tea in case of an upset stomach. In addition, it also helps increase satiety and strengthens the digestive system. To make the brews even healthier, you can add a dash of lemon to them.

3. Matcha:

Originally used to create an elixir for a long life by Buddhist monk Eisai, Matcha has evolved from the beverage of monks and aristocrats to a robust brew enjoyed by everyone. The Japanese invest ceremony and ritual in its making. The master of the tea ceremony creates an infusion in a traditional bowl, using a traditional ladle and whisk.

4. Moroccan Mint:

This blend is where flavourful Chinese Gunpowder tea meets crisp, fresh mint, creating a sweet, smooth infusion. The health benefits of these vibrant green brews are just as impressive as its distinct characteristics. They are known to provide relief from stomach ailments and heartburn, can improve focus and intellectual performance, and have the power of restoring youthful glow.

5. Assam Tea:

Sip on a rich, malty amber brew of Assam Leaf, fresh from India’s sun-kissed tea estates, as you prepare to make the most of your day! Botanically known as Camellia sinensis var. Assamica, this tea is native to India. Assam tea was first noticed by a European traveler in the 17th century, who recorded the use of the leaves in the diet of local Assamese.

6. Darjeeling First Flush:

This tea is among the most prized, with their delicate muscatel flavour and mild astringency. The world-famous Darjeeling tea seems to bring with it the sun-kissed warmth and aroma of India’s finest tea estates. Picked at spring time, First Flush Darjeeling Tea brews into a vibrant red infusion that delights you with its floral fragrance and subtle, refreshing flavour.

7. English Breakfast:

From India’s most famous estates in Assam and Darjeeling, comes this refreshing tea blend. The English love a heavy breakfast, accompanied by a strong and flavourful tea. Finding malty Assam tea too strong, they started blending it with milder teas for a more balanced brew. Today, this blend has grown to be one of the most popular breakfast teas in the world.

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