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Stay Happy & Healthy, This Season: Premium Monsoon Teas

Stay Happy & Healthy, This Season: Premium Monsoon Teas

All-natural showers, sprawling greens, cool breeze, and the scent of petrichor in the air - everything about the monsoon is a refreshing affair. But like most things in life, this season comes with its own minor inconveniences. One of the few drawbacks is the common illnesses like cough and cold. So, how do we truly embrace the season without feeling under the weather? The answer is simple - Monsoon Teas!

Contrary to what people believe, weather change doesn’t actually make you sick, it’s the exposure to bacteria or viruses that does. But, the sudden change can weaken your immune system and make you more vulnerable to disease-causing germs. Thankfully for us monsoon lovers, wellness tea blends have the potential to keep us healthy, while we rebelliously revel in the rains. Here are some of the best teas for the monsoon season, curated by Tea Culture of the World-

5 Monsoon Teas For Your Well-being

1. Happy Immunity:

A warm cup of Happy Immunity Tea on a rainy day is your best bet when it comes to staying healthy. Shore up your body’s defenses as you enjoy this delectable blend of the finest green tea with herbs and spices. You’ll find every sip of its minty flavour refreshing, while its potent ingredients strengthen your body’s natural resistance to disease.

2. Throat Rescue:

Our Throat rescue is an all-natural infusion, to relieve and heal sore throats. Green tea blended with liquorice, fennel seeds, peppermint, star anise, ginger, nettle leaves, blue cornflower, cinnamon, cardamom and clove combine to soothe irritation and pain, heal inflamed tissue and alleviate infection. If you are looking for the best tea for a cold, this blend will work wonders!

3. Masala Chai:

One of the healthiest teas for monsoon, this one is a grand celebration of spices. Mornings at almost every Indian household start the tradition of sipping on a warm cup of Masla Chai! Few can resist the robust, spice-infused flavour of India’s favourite tea. Indulge all your senses with our signature blend - savour its rich aroma and amber colour as you delight your palate.

4. Tulsi Ritual:

Tulsi tea in the rainy season is a blessing, not in disguise. Tulsi leaves, known for their therapeutic properties, come together with the finest Green tea antioxidants to give you a delightful tea that detoxifies, builds immunity and vanquishes coughs and colds. The brews also help with weight management and improving stamina - a host of health benefits in a teacup.

5. Refreshing Lemon Honey:

This gentle, refreshing tea packs in great flavour and health benefits in a teacup. The blend of Vitamin C-rich lemon and honey is a proven remedy for ailments, while powerful green tea antioxidants eliminate toxins. An excellent tea when you want to refresh your palate, revive your energy and feel light in body and spirit.

6. Refreshing Green Tea:

Here’s the right tea blend for days when you need an extra dose of wellness. Magic sometimes works in subtle ways; savour the pale gold colour and fresh flavour of this tea, and allow its powerful antioxidants to weave a spell through your system. You’ll find that every cup of Green tea invigorates and revives you, like magic.

7. Lemongrass Ginger:

This blend soothes and calms your system and pleases the palate with its subtle blend of flavours. The earthy aroma of ginger and the fresh sweetness of lemongrass merge beautifully with exquisite green tea, making a perfect infusion. This tea can be a tranquil, soothing interlude on a hectic day, as a refreshing and luxurious session at the spa.

Buy The Best Healthy Teas Online

Make the most of this rainy season with Tea Culture of the World. We are home signature teas that are curated keeping your well-being and delight in mind. Each blend is infused with the finest of tea leaves and exotic ingredients from across the world. Select from our tea blends and buy tea online today!

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