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A Floral Affair: Explore The Many Hibiscus Tea Benefits

A Floral Affair: Explore The Many Hibiscus Tea Benefits

Largely native to India, the hibiscus plant brings us hope and good health in a fabulous form. Although not rare, it still makes for a riveting sight. These flowers that bloom in an impressive range of colors also bring us the generous gift of wellness. Over time, its health benefits have been wonderfully translated into delightful tea blends, curated to bring us floral bliss. With its healing properties, Hibiscus tea benefits our mind, body and soul.

Is it safe to drink Hibiscus tea every day? Yes, to best experience its benefits, you can sip on the soothing brews every day, but in moderation and given that you have no allergies with regards to the hibiscus plant. What is Hibiscus tea good for? Let’s explore the many benefits of Hibiscus tea in detail-

Top 7 Hibiscus Tea Benefits

1. May Help Lower Cholesterol:

Hibiscus tea can work wonders for those who suffer from blood sugar disorders like diabetes, thanks to its hypolipidemic properties. Keeping your cholesterol levels in check becomes very important with age. Some studies suggest that hibiscus tea may help increase high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, which helps to manage diabetes. The brews may also help lower the levels of LDL cholesterol from the body. This contributes to keeping your heart healthy and protecting blood vessels from damage.

2. Can Help Improve Liver Health:

The floral blend is home to wonderful antioxidant properties that help keep your liver going strong for long. Liver steatosis is a condition that constitutes fat accumulation in the liver. This could lead to some serious liver-related health issues. The antioxidants present in hibiscus tea brews may help protect your body from these diseases by combatting the free radicals in our body tissues and cells.

3. Helps Promote Skin Care:

To add to its beauty, hibiscus tea benefits skin as well. Hibiscus tea is rich in Vitamin C. This promotes the production of collagen in your body, and naturally so. The brews are rich in an antioxidant called myricetin that can help reduce collagen breakdown. The compound suppresses collagenase, an enzyme that targets and degrades collagen. Hibiscus tea also contains an antioxidative plant pigment called anthocyanin that can help reduce oxidative stress, thereby slowing down the signs of skin aging. Sipping on these delicious brews also helps you stay hydrated and is a great way to detoxify your body.

4. Paves The Way For Healthy Hair:

The list of hibiscus tea hair benefits is just as impressive! The antioxidants present in Hibiscus tea help in producing melanin, the pigment responsible for giving you hair its natural color. This prevents the hair from greying prematurely. The brews, being great sources of vitamin C, also help increase collagen production in your body, facilitating hair growth. Since amino acids present in this tea blend also help generate more red blood cells in your body. This makes way for a steady delivery of oxygen and other beneficial nutrients to your hair roots.

5. May Help Manage Blood Pressure:

In this modern day and age, we are all swamped with responsibilities that often lead to stressful situations. But, time and again, we have to put our health first and indulge in wellness routines. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, hibiscus tea may also help reduce blood pressure. The brews are also known to have diuretic properties that promote the expelling of water and salt from your body, thereby helping you keep your blood pressure levels in control.

6. Boosts Your Immunity:

One of the most important benefits of Hibiscus tea is its ability to boost your immune system. Being rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C), the brews play an important role in enhancing and stimulating the activity of the immune system. Hibiscus tea is also known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help keep common illnesses at bay.

7. Can Promote Easy Digestion:

Who doesn’t wish to feast on their favorite food to their heart’s content, and get away with it without any stomach ailments? The floral brews help you with just that. Hibiscus tea is known to improve digestion as it regularizes bowel movements. Since it also has diuretic properties, it may also be used to treat constipation and improve the health of your gastrointestinal system.

Hibiscus-infused Blends by Tea Culture of the World

Hair Elixir

One of the best ways to restore volume, shine and natural colour to your hair is to sit back and sip on this delicious brew. Watch your hair regain its texture and lustre, as you savour this deep pink herbal tea. From ancient Ayurvedic scripts comes this powerful natural remedy – a potent blend of brahmi, amla and hibiscus, known to prevent hair fall and improve hair health. Our unique formulation also includes rose petals, whose Vitamin C is known to help restore lustre, and licorice and almonds to help revitalize your hair. Blended with Green tea, this fragrant brew rejuvenates you, while also working its magic on your hair.

Characteristics Of The Tea-

  • Country of Origin: India
  • Caffeine Level: Low
  • Aroma: Floral, Fresh
  • Appearance: Deep Pink
  • Taste: Citrusy, Spicy

How To Brew?

For one cup of the Hair Elixir tea blend:

-Scoop 1 teaspoon of the leaves into a teapot.

-Pour 200ml of water freshly boiled at 80°C over the leaves.

-Let the infusion steep for 3 minutes.

-Pour yourself a fragrant cup with a dash of honey, if required./

Flowery Bouquet

If the fragrance and charm of a garden could be distilled into a tea, it would be Flowery Bouquet. A pink, fragrant brew, Flowery Bouquet blends rose and hibiscus flowers and earthy liquorice roots with the mild flavour of Green tea. Vitamins and minerals in the roots and flowers combine with the antioxidants in the Green tea, to give you a rich, flavourful and healthy brew. Savour its delicate sweetness, while its potent antioxidants and Vitamin C leave you in a rosy glow of well-being.

Characteristics Of The Tea-

  • Country of Origin: India
  • Caffeine Level: Low
  • Aroma: Floral, Heady
  • Appearance: Rose
  • Taste: Sweet, Delicate, Floral

How To Brew?

For one cup of the Flowery Bouquet tea blend:

-Scoop 1 teaspoon of the leaves into a teapot.

-Pour 200ml of water freshly boiled at 80°C over the leaves.

-Let the infusion steep for 3 minutes


-Pour yourself a warm cup.

Experience Hibiscus Health Benefits With Us

Floral, healthy, strong, spicy, sweet, earthy - no matter how you like your cup of tea, we have got the right blend in store for you. Tea Culture of the World brings you the best of both worlds in each one of our blends - good health and great delight. We are home to over 80 tea blends brought to you from the finest tea estates from across the globe. Browse through our exquisite collections of Green teas, Black teas, Oolong teas, White teas, Tisane teas, as well as an exclusive range of Signature teas. With us, a healthy indulgence is just a brew away.

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