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Embrace Every Emotion: Premium Teas For Every Mood

Embrace Every Emotion: Premium Teas For Every Mood

The best part about life is its unpredictability - good things are knocking on your door today, tomorrow could bring a life lesson; today you are grieving, tomorrow you could be shedding tears of joy. But, this rollercoaster ride is what makes life interesting! Just as life is uncertain, so are human emotions. We have very little control over how we feel - the heart wants what it wants, the brain has a mind of its own, and our body is always in a different zone. To help you strike the right balance; here’s a list of teas for every mood by Tea Culture of the World-

Premium Teas For Every Mood-

Delightful Teas: For Blissful Mornings

1. Masala Chai:

This one has been long known as the tea that makes you happy with every sip; just perfect for a refreshing start to the day! Few can resist the robust, spice-infused flavour of India’s favourite tea. Indulge all your senses with our signature blend - savour its rich aroma and amber colour as you delight your palate.

2. Earl Grey:

When the world sits down to breakfast, Earl Grey is usually the tea of choice. This classic black tea from Assam’s finest estates is laced with a refreshing twist of orange. Banish the early morning blues with a stimulating cup of this robust tea and allow its surprising citrusy aftertaste keep you going.

Immunity-boosting Teas: For ‘Under-the-weather’ Days

1. Green Tea:

Here’s the right tea for your mood on days when you need an extra dose of wellness. Magic sometimes works in subtle ways; savour the pale gold colour and fresh flavour of this tea, and allow its powerful antioxidants to weave a spell through your system. You’ll find that every cup of Green tea invigorates and revives you, like magic.

2. Happy Immunity:

As the name suggests, this blend is sure to do your health a world of good! Shore up your body’s defenses as you enjoy this delectable blend of the finest green tea with herbs and spices. You’ll find every sip of its minty flavour refreshing, while its potent ingredients strengthen your body’s natural resistance to disease.

Energy-boosting Teas: For Overcast Days

1. Energy Elixir:

This one is unquestionably the best tea for improving mood when you know you have a long day ahead! Whenever your mood or energy level needs a boost, brew up a cup of Energy Elixir. An exotic concoction of white tea, fruit and herbs, this energising blend can perk up even the most tiresome day. Savour its brisk, lemony freshness and feel your spirits lift, almost instantly.

2. Assam Classic:

From the renowned estates of Assam, comes a robust black tea - pekoe leaves dance in hot water, releasing a gentle floral aroma and a deep red hue. One cup in the morning will banish lingering dullness, rev up your system, and best prepare you to seize the day!

Self-care Teas: For Celebratory Days

1. Skin Glow:

Enjoy the luxury of an exotic tea, and help your skin deal with pollution and stress, at the same time. This delectable blend of green tea, chrysanthemum and rose petals, almonds and rhubarb detoxifies the body, revitalizes the skin and restores suppleness. An inner beauty ritual that gives you a stunning outer glow!

2. Hair Elixir:

Wouldn’t you like to restore volume, shine and natural colour to your hair, just by sipping on a delicious drink? Watch your hair regain its texture and lustre, as you savour this deep pink herbal tea, formulated to an ancient Ayurvedic recipe.

Exotic Teas: For Adventurous Days

1. Saffron Spiced:

If you enjoy spice, you’ll love the burst of flavour that comes with every sip of this unusual tea. Robust black Assam tea, exotic spices and the alluring scent of saffron come together to create a luxurious blend that delights, refreshes and energises.

2. Apple Cinnamon Duet:

Indulge in a tea that’s like a glorious symphony of flavours. The tart, crisp sweetness of apples, the spice of cinnamon and the mild notes of green tea come together beautifully in our signature blend, to charm your palate and energise your body.

Buy The Best Tea for Every Mood from Tea Culture of the World

Happy? Stressed out? Feeling low on energy? Feel like experimenting? Feel like relaxing? At Tea Culture of the World, we understand that every mood needs to be showered with the right attention. To help serve a range of moods, we bring you over 80 premium tea blends from across the world - select your blend today!

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