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How Can Tea Help To Boost The Immune System?

How Can Tea Help To Boost The Immune System?

Isn’t it fascinating that something as simple as a warm cup of tea can introduce you to a realm of wellness and delight? Every sip is an invitation to another, an indulgence that one can never have enough of. With all that it’s given us, the idea of a world without tea is rather hard to digest.

Can Tea Boost Your Immune System?

For centuries, Green tea has been regarded as an all-natural wellness drink. What is now a popular beverage was once a herbal remedy that improved digestion, reduced fevers, cleared the skin and helped with alleviating many other ailments. It’s the antioxidant, anti inflammatory properties that make Green tea, the ideal immune-boosting herbal tea!

Free radicals born out of oxidative stress cause diseases like arthritis, heart diseases and respiratory diseases. Although our body produces antioxidants of its own, they are not enough to overpower these free radicals and keep diseases at bay. To prevent and combat these diseases, we need external sources of antioxidants. This is where Green tea humbly comes to our aid. Being the least processed tea of them all, it is packed with Polyphenols (antioxidants).

Ways To Boost Your Immune System Fast

If you have been wondering how to boost the immune system, here are a few quick ways-

  1. Plan a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Avoid processed / canned food and sweetened drinks.
  3. Make Green tea a part of your daily regime. It will do wonders for your health.
  4. Start your day with easy to moderate exercises.
  5. Maintain good hygiene - wash your hands regularly, thoroughly clean and cook the food you consume, wear masks in case of infections.
  6. Get the right amount of sleep in accordance with your everyday schedule.
  7. Stay hydrated at all times.
  8. Practice breathing exercises or meditate to manage your stress levels.

Best Tea for Immune System Boost

Here, at Tea Culture of the World, your health is the priority. To keep you in company with good health, we have curated a wellness tea blend - ‘Happy Immunity’. It is the best green tea for the immune system.

Happy Immunity Tea Blend -

Shore up your body’s defenses as you enjoy this delectable blend of the best green tea with herbs and spices. You’ll find every sip of its minty flavour refreshing, while its potent ingredients strengthen your body’s natural resistance to disease.

This tea brings together some of nature’s most powerful defenses against illness:

  • Antioxidant-rich thyme & liquorice boost the immune system.
  • Lemon balm and star anise are antiviral agents.
  • Ginger and turmeric fight inflammation.

When these combine with the subtle flavour of green tea leaves and the refreshing burst of peppermint, you get the most delicious Happy Immunity tea possible.

If you have been looking for ‘immune-boosting herbal tea’ or ‘green tea immune system’, Tea Culture of the World has just the right tea blend for you - order our ‘Happy Immunity’ loose leaf tea or tea bags online and savour wellness with each sip!

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