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Know Your Cup Of Darjeeling Tea: Origin, Benefits & Types

Know Your Cup Of Darjeeling Tea: Origin, Benefits & Types

There are few things in life whose exquisiteness greets us like a breath of fresh air, each time we experience it - much like the brews born out of the best Darjeeling tea leaves. The tale of Darjeeling black tea dates back to 150 years. In 1841, Dr. Campbell, the first superintendent of Darjeeling, acquired seeds from Chinese tea plants and planted them near his residence at Beechwood, Darjeeling. He was successful in raising the plant. In 1847, the government established tea estates in this area. With this began the rise of Darjeeling’s tea industry.

Darjeeling tea blends bring us black tea experiences like no other. Delicate, sweet, smooth, round, mild, mature, and brisk - these soul-soothing characteristics are the result of its regional climate, soil conditions and altitude. The particular plant cannot be grown or manufactured anywhere else in the world. Apart from indulging tea experiences, the list of Darjeeling tea health benefits is also an impressive one, let’s take a look-

Top 3 Darjeeling Tea Benefits

1. Promotes Heart Health:

Life simply isn't the same without a happily beating heart. Darjeeling tea brews contain flavonoids or phytonutrient-rich plant pigments. These are responsible for keeping our cholesterol levels in check, reducing the risks of heart-related ailments such as strokes and high blood pressure. In addition, the brews also help regulate the blood flow and are rich in quercetin - this is a compound that plays an important role in reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, which is the build-up of plaque in the arteries that can lead to a heart attack or a stroke. Sipping on the mellow Darjeeling tea brews can help keep your heart going strong.

2. Helps With Stress Management:

The complexities of the fast-paced world bring us face to face with stressful situations almost every other day. To state the obvious, stress is a catalyst when it comes to chronic ailments like high blood pressure, skin conditions, heart problems, asthma, depression, arthritis, and anxiety, and the list goes on. Consuming Darjeeling tea on a regular basis can help you better deal with stress and anxiety. The brews help regulate the production of a stress hormone in the body called cortisol. Plus, it naturally contains L-theanine, an amino acid that calms the nerves.

3. Contributes To Improving Focus:

Keeping your mind sharp is just as important as keeping your heart healthy. You can only make the most of life when your heart and your head function in sync to bring you happiness in its truest form. Sipping on a cup of Darjeeling provides your body with the necessary caffeine to keep you alert and focused on the task at hand. The blend also helps boost your energy.

4. Strengthens The Immune System:

Darjeeling tea is rich in antioxidants such as thearubigins and theaflavins. These compounds are known to fight free radicals, and neutralize harmful chemicals during digestion. They help free your body from toxins as well. In addition, the antioxidants can help combat cellular damage, thereby reducing the risk of chronic illnesses, and slowing down the signs of aging.

5. Aids With Weight Management:

Consuming Darjeeling tea regularly can help you achieve your fitness goals faster, when paired with a healthy diet and some regular exercise. The brews are known to help reduce belly fat. The polyphenols in Darjeeling tea stimulate good bacteria growth in your digestive system, keeping it healthy. The brews also feature a high concentration of catechins - these are naturally occurring antioxidants that increase fat burning and boost metabolism.

Tea Blends From Darjeeling By Tea Culture of the World

1. Darjeeling First Flush Tea:

There’s something about Darjeeling first flush that leaves you in a start of utter bliss. Picked at spring time, First Flush Darjeeling Tea brews into a vibrant red infusion that delights you with its floral fragrance and subtle, refreshing flavour. Darjeeling First Flush teas are among the most prized, with their delicate muscatel flavour and mild astringency. This world-famous Darjeeling tea brings with it the sun-kissed warmth and aroma of India’s finest tea estates.

  • Caffeine Level: High
  • Aroma: Floral
  • Appearance: Vibrant Red
  • Taste: Delicate, Tangy Aftertaste

2. Darjeeling Second Flush Tea:

The second crop is harvested from the end of the third week of May to the third week of June. This exquisite muscatel tea, blessed by the first rains, brews into a fine grape-flavored infusion that is a favourite with tea connoisseurs around the world. Indulge yourself with a cup of Darjeeling 2nd flush tea and enjoy every sip of its layered, intoxicating flavour. There are almost 90 tea estates in Darjeeling, producing some of the world’s most well-known teas. Considered as one of the finest teas of the region, Darjeeling Second Flush teas have a full-bodied, well-rounded character and a distinct muscatel tone.

  • Caffeine Level: High
  • Aroma: Fruity
  • Appearance: Amber
  • Taste: Mellow, Smooth with a grape flavour
    • 3. Makaibari Tea:

      The Makaibari tea estate in Darjeeling is a particularly distinguished one - it’s renowned for housing the world’s first tea factory, producing some of the world’s finest black teas and is also a natural sanctuary. Its 150 year-old tea trees grow alongside a thriving sub-tropical rainforest, which gives Makaibari tea its soothing muscatel aroma. When you are tired and in need of a restorative, nature provides the wonderfully refreshing Makaibari tea. Take in its soothing aroma as it brews, appreciate its deep amber hue and let its robust flavour rejuvenate you for the day.

      • Caffeine Level: High
      • Aroma: Woody, Nutty
      • Appearance: Bright Orange
      • Taste: Fruity, Tangy, Complex

      4. Namring Tea:

      This fine, health-giving tea comes from Darjeeling’s second largest tea estate, Namring. Established in 1855, Namring Tea Estate produces some of the world’s finest black tea that is found in many popular black tea blends. The steep terrain and misty climate of the estate infuses the tea with a distinctive flavor and refreshing taste, making it a perfect evening tea. Namring tea first makes an impact on your senses with its enchanting aroma - a blend of lavender, geranium and oak wood. As you sip the delicate peach brew, the refreshing tangy taste banishes the afternoon slump and perks you up for a lively evening.

      • Caffeine Level: Moderate
      • Aroma: Floral
      • Appearance: Peach
      • Taste: Malty, Subtly tangy

      5. Margaret’s Hope Tea:

      This beautiful estate, with flowing streams, trees and wildflowers, has a heart-tugging history. Margaret, the daughter of Mr. Cruikshank, the owner of the Bara Ringtong estate, sailed for England, promising to return to her father’s lovely home in Darjeeling. Sadly, after a tragedy, her father rechristened the tea estate ‘Margaret’s Hope’ in her memory, and it’s known for its classic black tea across the world. With an intense floral aroma and stimulating brisk taste, these brews are sheer delight in a cup. A vision of the wildflowers, trees and streams that bless the estate, and the classic, energizing flavour of this black tea, give you the perfect start to the day.

      • Caffeine Level: High
      • Aroma: Floral, Slightly Woody
      • Appearance: Golden
      • Taste: Brisk

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