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5 best teas during winter to keep you warm throughout the season

5 best teas during winter to keep you warm throughout the season

Having tea as a part of the day is like Asian culture. Especially in winter, a cup of tea in winters warms you up like nothing else. Winter is associated with warm beverages that keep the body warm from the inside. The popular beverage tea is especially popular in the winter. Whether make it using special winter loose-leaf tea or the best tea online, tea is a necessary part of our nutrition. Look at the benefits of drinking herbal tea in the winter.

Winter tea benefits:

Combats Flu and Cough: People often get colds or coughs in the winter, and drinking warm tea makes us feel better. Spiced teas can help with coughs and common colds. By reducing nasal irritation, a cup of ginger, turmeric, or cinnamon tea can aid with cold or cough symptoms.

Easily Digested: By eating heartier foods, having the inclination to sit motionlessly, and avoiding exercise in the winter, the probability of stomach issues increases. Drinking ginger, mint, or star anise tea helps ease gastrointestinal discomfort and aid with digestion.

Circulation of Blood: As a result of the winter's inactivity, our bodies become hard and blood flow is impeded. Drinking cinnamon tea and chamomile tea helps increase internal blood circulation in addition to regulating blood sugar levels.

An infection: Warm drinks can be drunk to ease discomfort and swelling. It is stated that consuming saffron-flavored herbal tea or putting a few cloves in a pot of boiling water would assist to lessen pain and inflammation in the body.

Increases Energy: Due to its abundance of vital nutrients and minerals, spiced tea can be used as a natural energy booster with few to no negative side effects. Energy drinks frequently include a lot of caffeine, which is bad for your health.

Winter tea collection from the tea culture of the world will fulfill all the above-given benefits along with some more benefits in your single cup of winter tea.

5 best teas in winter:

1. Throat rescue

With the help of this superb concoction of the finest green tea, herbs, and spices, relieve the pain and discomfort associated with a sore throat. Let the carefully selected components reduce infection, reduce inflammation, and restore your health as the flavorful, refreshing tea lifts your spirits. profit from relief from cough, seasonal allergies, and nasal congestion. Heals the vocal cords under stress and gives protection from germs.

Look: Pale Brown

Taste: Mild, infused with spice

How to consume it?

Scoop 1 teaspoon of the tea leaves into a teapot to make 1 cup of Throat Rescue tea. 200ml of recently boiling water at 80°C should be poured over the leaves, and the infusion should steep for 3 minutes. Any time of day, make yourself a hot cup and enjoy its tangy flavor.

2. Masala Chai

The rich, spice-infused flavor of India's favorite tea is hard to ignore. Enjoy our distinctive blend's rich aroma as it brews, its amber color, and its mouthwatering flavor in every sip. Indulge all of your senses. It is one of the favorite winter spice tea due to its energizing and refreshing nature. It has high caffeine levels.

Looks: Amber

Taste: Strong and spicy

How to consume it?

Pour one cup of water into a saucepan, add milk and sugar to taste, and then bring the liquid to a boil to make one cup of Classic Masala Chai. Bring the mixture to a boil once more and then stir in 1 teaspoon of our loose-leaf black tea. Then turn down the heat and simmer the mixture for three minutes. Put the flame out, pour the tea into a cup, and then enjoy the hot, flavorful brew.

3. Kashmiri kawa

Indian-originated Kashmiri kawa is one of the best winter teas because it has the presence of cardamom, cinnamon, and antioxidants. Cardamom helps to regulate blood pressure; cinnamon is known for keeping the cholesterol level in low bars and antioxidants help with chronic diseases like cancer and heart. It contains moderate caffeine and has a strong spicy aroma.

Looks: Golden

Taste: Well-balanced, Flavorful, with notes of cardamom and saffron

How to consume it?

Open the pouch, take out 1 teabag, and put it in your teacup to make 1 cup of Kashmiri Kahwa tea. 200ml of recently boiling water at 80°C should be poured over the leaves, and the infusion should steep for 3 minutes. Make a hot, fragrant cup of tea with one of our Kashmiri kahwa tea bags; you'll discover that delicious Kashmiri kahwa is ideal by itself at any time of day.

4. Immunity booster

Also known as Happy Immunity tea, provides immunity and resistance to diseases is originated in India. It is recommended as the best tea in winter because it helps to reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins, and gives relief congestion. It has a minty and herbal aroma having moderate caffeine levels.

Looks: Light golden

Taste: Herbal, minty.

How to consume it?

Scoop one teaspoon of the leaves into a teapot to make one cup of Happy Immunity. 200ml of recently boiling water at 80°C should be poured over the leaves, and the infusion should steep for 3 minutes. You can drink it hot or cold at any time of day if you make yourself a flavorful cup and add a dash of honey if necessary.

5. Oriental oolong

This healthy tea winter originated in China. Oriental oolong helps to control weight. Tea's antioxidants may aid in the battle against aging. It is the best tea for winter because it helps to keep the tooth and bone health strong as it concerns middle and old age people. It is possibly beneficial for heart health. It has a greater potency. Oriental oolong has a Higher level of caffeine. It gives a smoky and nutty aroma.

Looks: Delicate Brown

Taste: Nutty with a smoky undertone.

How do you consume it?

Put 1 of our oolong tea bags into a teapot to make 1 cup of Oriental oolong tea. 200 cc of freshly boiled, 85°C water should be poured over the teabag, and the infusion should soak for 3 minutes. As the Chinese emperors did, remove the tea bag and enjoy your warm, toasty brew all by itself.

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