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Should You Use Tea Bags or not? Things You must know

Should You Use Tea Bags or not? Things You must know

Goes the dry days, burned skin and sweat,

Drizzling after summer makes the land wet.

Not jumping in the muddy ponds,

Gone are the old days and those bonds.

Age and this beautiful rain,

Makes me drink tea relieving all the pain.

Yes, of course, it is running outside the poet in me is awake and all I need is tea. Tea is a beverage that is widely consumed in Turkey, Ireland, and the UK. It has tons of flavors, addons, and variations. This is a beverage that was initially started consuming in China in the year 2737 B.C which was then transported to the U.K and America in the 16th century by the East India Company.

Now let us know what’s up with the tea bags! 

It is said that the USA was the one that invented tea bags first in 1908 by Thomas Sullivan. And another story claims that China itself invented tea bags to preserve the aroma of the tea in the Thang dynasty.

Is tea bags safe? 

A single plastic tea bag can discharge 11.6 billion microplastic and 3.1 billion nano-plastic particles into the water, according to a study conducted by researchers at McGill University on four well-known brands of tea available in supermarkets. Though specialists are still unsure of the precise impact those substances have on our systems, drinking plastic hardly seems wise (or healthy).

The polypropylene that many manufacturers use to shut tea bags is where the particles originate from. Even though many meals and beverages (even water bottles) contain these microplastics, the study discovered that the levels produced by tea bags were thousands of times higher than those of other goods.

Uses of used tea bags: 

Used tea bags of green tea bags, as well as black tea bags, can also be of great help rather than just throwing them into the dustbin leading to environmental pollution.

1. Green to your garden.

2. Flavor your pasta.

3. Get rid of smelly shoes and rugs

4. Cleans glasses

5. DIY pedicure and hair conditioner

6. Helps to remove grease from dishes

7. Can be used as an air freshener 

How to save the environment while enjoying the tea from the tea bags?

Select entirely biodegradable tea bags, and created without plastic, organic, or plant-based ingredients. Another term to search for is "free of epichlorohydrin," a substance some manufacturers put in tea bags to keep them from degrading quickly.

Now you know the history of tea and also because of the season you might be even caving for some tea. Here are the 6 teas everyone should try which are now available in flavored tea bags or tea sachet bags: 

Masala Chai:

If you are Indian, your veins don’t have blood it is filled with this fabulous drink Masala Chai. Yes, every Indian who is crazy for tea is indeed crazy for this tea. Cardamom is thought to offer warm and calming properties according to Ayurveda. Spices include antioxidants that may aid in preventing chronic diseases including cancer and heart disease. It is well known that ginger has anti-inflammatory qualities. Ginger and cardamom could help with digestion.

Tulsi Ritual tea

You may know that many areas in India worship tulsi not only because of its holiness but also how medicinal it is. Tulsi leaves are renowned in Ayurveda for their ability to treat cold and cough symptoms. Antioxidants might help the immune system work better. Tulsi ritual tea may aid in blood pressure management and cholesterol reduction.

Refreshing Lemon Honey

This mild, cooling tea has a delicious flavor and several health advantages. A proven treatment for illnesses is the combination of vitamin-rich lemon and honey, and potent green tea antioxidants that remove pollutants. Refreshing lemon honey is a fantastic tea to drink when you want to feel light in your body and spirit, revitalize your energy, and refresh your palette. 

Lemongrass Ginger

If you don't have time to visit a spa, make yourself a cup of lemongrass ginger tea instead. It calms and soothes, does wonders for your body, and delights the palate with a delicate flavor combination. You can now obtain joy in a short period. It helps to improve digestion, immunity, and metabolism and also helps to detoxify.

Throat Rescue/ginger tea

Ginger is well-known in Ayurveda for easing cough and seasonal allergy problems. Cinnamon and star anise are well known for easing sore throats. Throat rescue tea contains antioxidants that may help prevent chronic illnesses including cancer and heart disease.

Happy Immunity/mint tea

Your best bet for staying healthy is a nice cup of Happy Immunity Tea on a wet day. As you indulge in this delicious concoction of the finest green tea with herbs and spices, strengthen your body's defenses. Every swig of its cooling mint flavor will make you feel refreshed, and its strong components will boost your body's defenses against illness.

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